With due consideration of your business growth and development or, conversely, the stagnation of your company, ICL offers support to the management system in achieving the stated goals.

Survey activities aimed at understanding how processes work in a company in reality, can often times give a biased result for they are either labour-intensive or based on interviewing the process owners. Therefore, ICL’s team of experts examines the health of your company in different ways. Assessment audit, rationale for growth targets, and applying of special survey instruments are the main objectives of business consulting.

We have a wide range of innovative developments.

Business Process Analysis

Business process mining and visualization service titled PRO/ZRENIYE (Vision Recovery) can be used to get a clear understanding of how the process really works based on process traces and factual evidence in no time and at minimum expense.
The service can help you identify:
  • Process bottlenecks to have them unclogged;
  • Sources to improve process efficiency and understand what you need to pay attention to first;
  • Find out whether your staff follow the rules of current business processes and procedures in the company.
  • Process mining algorithm that converts data on this process stored in information systems into visual models of the as-is process, lies at the core of this service.
  • Following this analysis, you will have:
  • Visual model of the actual process and alternative process paths;
  • Information on process deviations and weaknesses of the system used;
  • Recommendations on how to improve the process and many other things.

For more information on the service, go to ICL Services website.

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