Software Development Consulting

We support our clients in formulating a design specification and defining requirements, selecting the solution architecture and underlying technologies that can resolve existing business problems and increase efficiency and manageability.

Code writing, debugging and implementation are important but not self-sufficient elements of software development. The success of any IT project depends on many factors, including requirements analysis, technical solution initialization, estimation and optimization of labour costs, suitable methodology selection, audit, creation of the accompanying documentation.

We offer our assistance in solving these problems using the following key development technologies: NET 1.0-4.5, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server, SharePoint, HTML/DHTML/CSS, XML/XSLT, SQL, SOAP, AJAX, BizTalk, etc.
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IT Infrastructure Optimization Consulting

Our highly skilled experts will help you determine the current state of IT in your company, assist in development of an IT strategy that will open new horizons for business, and successfully implement it. Independent expert assessment of IT infrastructure in data centers or employee’s workplace organization will help you clearly plan the budget requirements for IT development, assess or predict the outcomes of implementing a solution and set priorities for IT projects.
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IT Audit

IT audit provides an opportunity to make an objective assessment of IT management system.
There are several IT audit scenarios:
  • Audit of IT service management system
  • Audit of IT outsourcing readiness
  • Audit of ITSM implementation readiness

This Service results in:
  • Analysis of key risks and problems, and a set of expert recommendations.
  • Conclusion on whether IT outsourcing is acceptable as an efficiency enhancer of IT management from now on.
  • IT outsourcing risk and opportunity assessment and its applicable models.
  • Practical recommendations on improving IT outsourcing implementation readiness.
  • Feasibilty report and proposal for the phased implementation of ITSM system.
  • Practical recommendations on improving ITSM implementation readiness.

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IT Capacity Management

IT capacity management is a way to coordinate the company’s IT infrastructure with changing business requirements and provide the necessary IT capacity in a timely manner. The objective of IT capacity management is to provide the necessary processing and storage resources in a timely and cost-efficient manner. The main objective of the process is to create an appropriate balance of capacity in IT organization.
We use VMware vRealize Operations Insight, vRealize Automation and vRealize Business Management solutions for the intelligent management of physical equipment and processes in vSphere, OpenStack and Hyper-V environments. Our engineers adapt any application software to the environment of your company.
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Data Center Development and Optimization Strategy

Creating and maintaining up to date the development strategy will give a vision of the data center development vector, avoid event-driven decisions and, ultimately, help better manage your DC.

Our consultants will help you:
  • Identify and define all stakeholders and their needs for the development of available IT / DC assets;
  • Analyze the needs of your business based on the strategy of its development and scope of activities;
  • Evaluate information on current capacity and accepted methods of DC management;
  • Formulate recommendations on priorities, primary tasks and growth plans for the DC.

This Service will result in facilitating study of development concepts, evaluating applicability of practices, and formalizing rules for decision-making process with regard to DC.
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IT Infrastructure Security Assessment

Our service for IT infrastructure security assessment provides you with a thorough evaluation of your IT infrastructure to identify its compliance to business requirements and best practices. This assessment will give you the best way to organize interaction of various security systems: antivirus solutions, network firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, change event management systems, etc.

The security assessment service can help you reduce the risks of potential security incidents and take all measures necessary to prevent them or minimize the harm they can cause, identify the most critical security vulnerabilities in the information security system and security policies.
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IT Services Management

Our experience and expertise in ITSM process design and implementation will help you prepare and transform processes for providing your IT services. We will help you increase process effectiveness and improve customer satisfaction with your IT services to ITSM best practices.

Implementation of improvement program enables you to:
  • Streamline your IT service management and delivery processes increasing their transparency;
  • Improve IT service quality and help your company gain a competitive edge in the market;
  • Ensure efficient use of investment in IT and speed up the return of that investment;
  • Re-organize the work of your IT department;

o Justify IT service costs and pricing management.
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IT Sevices Availability Management

IT services availability management is the best way to meet the company’s IT infrastructure with changing business requirements and promptly reduce the risks associated with the IT services availability.
The main goal of IT services availability management is to optimize the ability of IT infrastructure.

IT services availability management includes:
  • Development and control of IT Services Availability Management Plan
  • IT services availability management optimization proposals
  • IT services and IT infrastructure components availability analytics and reporting
  • Assistance in configuring software tools for automation of IT services availability management
  • Control of IT services availability goals achievement.

For more information on the service, go to ICL Services website.

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