IT Infrastructure Audit, Design, Creation and Development

The IT infrastructure of a modern enterprise is a complexly organized system that includes all hardware and software necessary for the majority of the company’s production processes.
As its business grows, it becomes increasingly difficult for the company to continue providing the required volumes and quality of IT services based on the hardware rooms placed in office buildings. There is a need to attract an outsourced contractor. ICL Group has the competencies and project experience in the following areas:

Access Infrastructure

Business growth does come with an increase in the number of technologies, platforms, and applications used, as well as personnel involved in the process of handling information.
Companies need to keep monitoring the changing user roles and functions assigned to the employees to minimize the risk of leaks of critical data.
In order to organize this process properly, ICL System Technologies offers the solution for building an access infrastructure including:
• WPA for mobile users;
• Remote access to applications.
This approach enables to:
• Provide secure work for mobile users;
• Reduce the overall cost of IT system support;
• Make it easier to access corporate data from mobile devices.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

The success of today’s business largely depends on IT systems and IT infrastructure stability in general. Timely detection and elimination of failures in the IT infrastructure allows protecting the company from possible losses associated with downtime of business services.
To make the company’s IT infrastructure reliable and efficient, ICL System Technologies offers an integrated approach to IT asset management including:
• Monitoring and planning of further enhancement of IT infrastructure;
• Optimizing the existing equipment through the adoption of new technologies.

Network and Telecommunications Infrastructure

The operations of any company today depend directly on high availability of its network infrastructure. This is a kind of a ‘cornerstone’ for key business processes. That is why it requires high reliability and scalability.
ICL System Technologies has extensive experience in implementing projects in the field of building corporate networks.
The services provided include:
• Creation of high performance and multiservice computer networks;
• Creation of fault-tolerant and secure corporate data networks;
• Building a system of intelligent processing of customer requests (contact centers);
• Building mobile access and wireless networks;
• Design and installation of IP telephony and video conferencing systems.

Failover and Disaster-Proof Data Storage Systems

High significance of information for today’s business makes companies to pay special attention to data processing and storage.
To better manage your data, ICL System Technologies offers a whole range of services to create a reliable subsystem of data processing system.
It includes:
• Designing and deploying a modern networking infrastructure and data storage systems (DSS) of any scale;
• Implementing virtualization technologies;
• Creating backup systems;
• Building the corporate DC and BDC.
Only proven solutions from the industry-leading vendors — leaders in the global information technologies market — are used to implement our projects. Such companies as Dell EMC, NetApp, HPE, VMware and others are among them.

DC Infrastructure Building and Upgrade

ICL System Technologies has experience and all competencies required for all the steps of creating a data center — from the preparation of the premises and ending with the delivery and installation of the necessary equipment and software.
An integrated approach to the implementation of the data center, which our company practices, includes the entire set of components of the engineering and IT infrastructure.
The list of engineering infrastructure systems in the data center includes:
• Architectural and civil engineering solutions (including physical security of premises)
• DC lightning
• Building engineering systems
• DC supporting systems
• Rack mounts and sheet metalwork for data center
• Precision air conditioning system for data center
• Power supply system without failures
• Uninterruptible power system (UPS)
• Structured cable system
• Access control system
• Monitoring and monitoring of the engineering infrastructure
• Engineering infrastructure management
• Security video surveillance
• Security alarm system
• Fire alarm system
• Automatic fire extinguishing installation
• Video surveillance application
The list of IT infrastructure systems in the data center includes:
• Server infrastructure
• Data storage networks and systems
• Backup systems
• Network data protection facilities
• Network data protection tools
• Basic service set
• Network and server virtualization management tools
• Network infrastructure controls
• Server infrastructure controls
• Tools for terminal access to data center resources
• Traffic optimization tools
• Load balancing between servers
• Load balancing between data centers
It takes several steps to create the DC:
• Formalizing the DC model, functionality and productivity requirements for the final result to fully meet the customer’s expectations.
• Design of the concept encapsulating multivariate configuration of the would-be DC to enable the optimal choice of the outlay in the particular case. All technical solutions described in the concept pass a thorough check with the involvement of experts from OEM manufacturers.
• Technical requirements and general work schedule development.
• Design. Moreover, if the project demands any construction aspects, our company can either serve as a генерального проектировщика со строительной организацией на субподряде, or work out and submit technical specifications for the DC premises. We use the design system of our own development that is based on the series of GOST 34 and GOST 21 standards.
• Purchase and delivery of equipment.
• Installation and start-up works, DC commissioning. If necessary, training courses can be organized for the customer’s personnel, which take place at certified training centers of OEM-manufacturers or at ICL’s own training center.
• Maintenance and support services. We are ready to offer 24/7 maintenance and support services including routine maintenance, incidental support and consulting services, as well as audits to assess the efficiency of operation.

Design and Implementation of the Company’s IT Infrastructure

Building the IT infrastructure correctly means:
• Return on investment
• Deployment of IT infrastructure solutions in the shortest time
• The basis of business continuity
The ICL System Technologies experts apply an integrated approach to the process of creating an IT infrastructure, which includes a number of key steps:
• IT infrastructure audit and development of recommendations on its upgrade;
• Developing IT infrastructure strategy with the view of further growth and scaling;
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