Quality and prompt communication among the organization employees is a key success factor of business today. The unified communication system can replace several independent communication ones into a system with advanced functionality. Such approach can reduce the financial costs required to maintain several communication systems, reduce the cost of travel, international and long distance calls, and improve each employee’s personal effectiveness.

Corporate Mail Systems

The corporate mail system allows you to safely work with mail correspondence from any mobile and stationary device, plan a work schedule, store and exchange important business contacts.
The solution has the following advantages:
  • Unity in e-mail addresses;
  • Secure receipt and exchange of important information;
  • Centralized storage of information (with the ability to recover mailboxes of laid-off employees);
  • Ability to create additional functionality in the form of a business timetable, a database of contact data, etc.

Instant Messaging Systems

The instant messaging system is designed for prompt business and collegial decision-making.
The solution has the following advantages:
  • Saving working time and costs for long-distance / international communication;
  • Preserving all outgoing and incoming information without fail (messages will be delivered to the recipient, even if he/she is not physically in the workplace, the recipient will be able to view the entire history of the messages at any time);
  • Giving all groups file-sharing capabilities.

Contact Centre

The contact center is a single point of contact for consumers through various channels of interaction (telephone, SMS, chat, e-mail); it enables to implement a uniform level of customer service in accordance with service standards.
The solution has the following advantages:
  • Reducing the response time to a customer request;
  • Improving the quality of customer service through the implementation of the auto-information function;
  • Obtaining statistical information on customer needs and on contact center load required for making decisions aimed at improving the service;
  • Minimizing unreasonable claims from both the client and the operator due to the recording system implemented;
  • Reducing the cost of call processing.

Video Conferencing Systems

Video conferencing system is designed for meetings or educational events between remote participants through the exchange of video and voice information in real time using mobile devices, desktop computers or conference rooms.
The solution has the following advantages:
  • Saving time and transport costs for scheduled meetings or briefings both for managers and for teamwork;
  • Remote training sessions;
  • Online problem solving by remote qualified personnel using video sessions (savings due to fewer qualified personnel involved).

Corporate Telephone Systems

Corporate telephone system is designed to provide employees with high-quality voice services (long-distance, international, city, internal).
The solution has the following advantages:
  • Virtually unlimited number of lines and subscribers;
  • Integration into a single telephone network of geographically remote business units and subsidiaries of the company;
  • Conferencing with ability to connect both internal and external subscribers.

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