The most popular service among customers is the request for the maintenance of their end users, requiring a high quality and fast problem solving. It is for us a standard procedure for receiving and routing calls, otherwise called Call Centre or Service Desk. Reducing the cost of resolving end-user requests by half is its main advantage.

Service Desk and Call Centre

Streamlined processing of recorded incidents and requests, most of which have first call resolution rate, where SLA equals to 99.8%, can ensure high satisfaction of your employees in daily work on workstations.
Control over the progress of incident and request resolution, detailed work instructions, a large known error database and technical excellence of operators are integral components of the proactive user service.
The service improves user satisfaction. After all, they receive not just a fast and high quality problem resolution but also a responsive Service Desk that builds its relationships customer-centric and with a truly human endeavour.
For more information on the service, go to ICL Services website.

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