To date, the effective operation of any company is directly related to how your IT infrastructure operates. Therefore, one of the main objectives is to apply to a high quality provider of IT support services.

IT infrastructure support is a feature that provides a possibility to:
 -Focus on the core activities of the Company;
-Reduce the cost of your IT infrastructure;
-Adapting to change in a rapidly evolving business environment.

ICL offers you a comprehensive service of all IT infrastructure components, from data centers through to user workstations using up-to-date methodologies and flexible service models.

IT Infrastructure Management and Development

IT infrastructure management offered by ICL is carried out in accordance with international service approach, ITIL recommendations and established SLA.
We offer you the support of the following elements:
  • Infrastructure services
  • Unified directory services
  • Server support and maintenance
  • Database support
  • Data storage systems
  • Networking infrastructure
  • Messaging systems
  • Solutions for managing corporate environments
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Information security solutions support
  • Virtualization infrastructure
  • IT services management automation

Hardware and Software Support Services

Any IT equipment has a lifetime limitation. When End of Warranty (EoW), End of Support (EoS) and End of Life (EoL) is about to expire, the question arises: «What to do with the equipment further?» Our offer is to conclude a contract for post-warranty maintenance, repair and operation of IT equipment (MRO) with ICL.
List of partners and vendors whose equipment we support
List of service centers you can address for our equipment maintenance
For more information on the service, go to ICL Services website.

User Support

To improve the stability and predictability of corporate workstations, we offer:
  • Fast and timely migration of server or client OS and DBMS;
  • A comprehensive technology solution for workplace engineering that enables users secure access to corporate data anytime, on any device, and from anywhere;
  • Management of mobile devices for their effective and secure use in the corporate environment for the purpose of information circulation;
  • Swift bug fixing to ensure the health of applications and operating systems (OS) and their efficiency;
  • Management of OS images and software installers for deployment; and etc.

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