Taking into account the growth and development of your business (or its stagnation), ICL Services offers to support the management system in achieving the established goals.

Often the activities aimed at understanding how the processes in the company really work are biased because they are based on interviews with those who run these processes or are extremely time-consuming. This is why the ICL Services team looks at your company's work from varying perspectives. Evaluation, audit, the justification of development prospects and the use of special tools — this is what consulting's primary mission looks like.

We possess the most innovative developments in our arsenal.

Business Process Analysis

Business process mining and visualization service titled PRO/ZRENIYE (Vision Recovery) can be used to get a clear understanding of how the process really works based on process traces and factual evidence in no time and at minimum expense.
The service can help you identify:
  • Process bottlenecks to have them unclogged;
  • Sources to improve process efficiency and understand what you need to pay attention to first;
  • Find out whether your staff follow the rules of current business processes and procedures in the company.
  • Process mining algorithm that converts data on this process stored in information systems into visual models of the as-is process, lies at the core of this service.
  • Following this analysis, you will have:
  • Visual model of the actual process and alternative process paths;
  • Information on process deviations and weaknesses of the system used;
  • Recommendations on how to improve the process and many other things.

For more information on the service go to ICL Services website.

Lean production and Lean Six Sigma integration

Introducing Lean Manufacturing will boost the quality and quantity of products produced without large-scale investments. Our experts will teach your employees methods of continuous improvement that will increase your company's profitability.

As part of this service, you can choose a turnkey project or start with one or more phases: maturity level audit, consulting, training, or a pilot project.

Our team consists of experts accredited by a company that is part of the International Independent Board for Lean Certification.

Management consulting

If you are the owner or manager of a company without enough resources to independently solve difficulties in business management, our management consulting will help identify and eliminate internal and external factors that impede the company's effectiveness.

Our experts have extensive experience in improving the efficiency of businesses in various industries, including those of foreign customers. At the same time, the cost of our services is significantly lower than the cost of consulting companies known internationally.

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