ICL Services provides an end-user service for customers requiring high-quality and quick fixes for technical problems. It is a procedure for receiving and routing calls, also known as Service Desk.

Reducing the cost of resolving end-user requests by half is its main advantage.

Service Desk with Artificial Intelligence technologies

We can ensure high satisfaction of your employees in their daily work at their workstations by well-functioning handling of registered incidents and requests. When it comes to projects with a 99.8% SLA, most queries are resolved at the first user request.

Multi-channel service, a chatbot, a voice assistant, AI-backed decision automation, and and other basic solutions aimed at automating user support tasks will reduce the cost of its maintenance.

For more information on the service go to ICL Services website.

Service Desk Lite

Service Desk Lite allows customers with a minimum amount of requests to get a professional first line of technical support.

One of the advantages of this service is speed — the system can be deployed within 3 working days.

If the need arises to scale the system, we can easily upgrade it to the classic Service Desk with Artificial Intelligence Technologies.

IT outsourcing of the contact center

This service allows you to provide IT support for your users and business processes using digital service channels and AI-backed automation.

As part of the service, we create a "single window" to receive appeals from various communication channels, advise on the choice of suitable the most suitable ITSM system, as well as provide tools for the automatic registration, classification, and routing of appeals.

On average, appeals take 10% less time to resolve.

For more information on the service, go to ICL Services website.

Content moderation/BPO services

The number of platforms for users to communicate with each other, publish text and photo/video materials is increasing annually. Each platform has its own rules for posting content.

We provide services for content moderation, user administration, and the classification of materials according to the customer's requirements.

We have extensive experience in working with companies of all sizes. Our expertise includes deploying a content moderation service in just one month, with the project also requiring to hire and train 80 new employees.

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