Today's world is unimaginable without digital technology. The Internet of things, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robots have found their place in almost every sector of the economy. Digital transformation is one of the most urgent tasks for many enterprises, as the introduction of digital technology has proven to significantly improve production efficiency, reduce costs, etc.

To move the company to the rails of digitalization, it is necessary to formalize and optimize the company's business processes. Certain administrative changes also have to be made. In certain cases, the reorganization of the structure of the company is also excluded.

Robotic process automation

We offer technology for automating routine tasks associated with manual data entry and processing. Robotization is not a substitute for automation but a complementation that speeds up the processing of individual manual steps and eliminates inevitable human errors.

Technologies used: PIX RPA, Primo RPA, UiPath, Blue Prism, Python, .Net, C#, Visual Basic.

Map of intelligent automation services:

  • Automation consulting
  • Automation factory
  • Advanced automation
  • Robot control center

Virtual and augmented reality

We create applications to simulate real events in virtual (VR) or augmented (AR) reality for any area of business.

Our VR applications fully immerse you in the virtual world. We can simulate any situation, including incidents, for any professional field without the purpose of effective training and obtaining useful professional skills. AR applications, unlike VR projects, add elements of the digital world to the real world. 

We provide two ways of distribution: through corporate application stores (App Store, Google Play) and in-house applications (for distribution within the company).

Development of AI-based solutions

AI-based solutions allow some or all of the operations performed by employees to be outsourced to machine learning models such as neural networks and others.

The development of AI-based solutions is a type of custom software development. As part of this service, we will create a turnkey solution that automates operations based on simple cognitive functions.

Development, implementation and support of IoT solutions

Implementing IoT solutions opens a new dimension in the way business owners look at their data-driven companies. Enterprises gain previously unavailable speed of operation, transparency, and processes optimization. Workplace safety and other operational aspects are also raised to a new level.

We conduct: business analysis and consulting, feasibility studies, pilot implementation, full-scale implementation, as well as maintenance and support.

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