• ISS design, deployment and support for state secret purposes (the page is under construction)
  • Creation of ISS hardware and attached equipment for state secret purposes (the page is under construction)

Information security is one of the most difficultly controlled aspects of business. The leakage of information, virus or other malicious activity coming from external public communication networks, and many more things can have an adverse impact on the company’s activities as well as on the trust of partners. Therefore, close attention is given to the issues of information security. ICL’s experts have competencies and project experience in the following areas: 

  • Expert and consulting services (the page is under construction)

  • Information security of IT infrastructure and applications (the page is under construction)

  • Information security monitoring and management (the page is under construction)

  • Industry specific solutions for banks, industrial enterprises and governmental organizations (the page is under construction)

The security system of a modern enterprise depends on many factors and, on a par with the means of ensuring information protection, must include the technology of physical security of the facility. Technical Security Equipment Sets (KITSO) are developed for this purpose. The range of services for design and implementation of security systems at the customer’s facilities includes:

Over the past few years, experts have recorded a sharp increase in the number of targeted attacks on automated process control systems (APCS) of industrial facilities. Moreover, a successful attack or other security incident often entails serious consequences.

To provide comprehensive services related to information security of APCS, ICL opened the Competence Center for APCS IS in Innopolis. Key areas of the Center activities are as follows:

  • Validation and testing of specialized solutions related to information security of APCS by creating specialized testbeds simulating the operation of the facility to be protected (the page is under construction)

  • Training activities with the aim of upgrading the engineer skills in design, installation and maintenance of specialized information security systems for APCS (the page is under construction)

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