Access Control Systems (ACS) are software solutions aimed at providing security, registering
access to facilities (people, transport) in a special territory.

Access Monitoring and Control Systems

Access controllers, readers, electromechanical turnstiles, wicket gates, electromagnetic and
electromechanical locks are used as the AMCS equipment.
Pass cards are used to pass into the premises with installed barrier devices. When
displaying a pass card, controllers prohibit or permit passage.
Modern access monitoring and control systems allow automating a large number of security
services processes in order to minimize the impact of the human factor and save the
financial resources of the organization.
The majority of AMCS provide for integration with 1C Enterprise 8:Payroll & HR
Management. This enables you to create a time sheet and make a payroll in 1C based on
real time data received from the system.

Biometrical identification

Many people confront with biometric identification systems for duty, especially where human
activity is associated with increased secrecy or danger.
Biometrical identification ensures accuracy and reliability of accounting and control in the
context of employees, without the possibility of abuse by employees.
According to statistics, biometrical identification has a higher reliability by means of
fingerprint scanning than identification by face, voice or signature, though with its own
Biometrical identification can be used as a component in time tracking systems and access
monitoring and control systems.

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