Solutions are designed to solve one of the most important issues in your business — ensuring the quality and effective operation of the enterprise, optimizing its structure.

Sales Management

This solution is designed to automate the sales process in terms of goods delivery.

Challenges met by the product

Growth of company profits due to:
  • Formalization and establishment of delivery management processes;
  • Streamlined sales management functionality (record keeping, follow-up control, decisionmaking);
  • Increase of working capital turnover by minimizing accounts receivable;
  • Optimization of company’s pricing policy in the event of a shift in demand for delivery services;
  • Prompt optimization of the services structure;
  • Workforce restructuring and headcount optimization of the staff involved in service sales;
  • Information support of managerial decision-making.
Business development is achieved by capturing, accumulating and analysing data on:
  • Customers including prospective customers;
  • Services that are requested by customers but are not provided by a company;
  • Services that have not been provided to customers because of lack of capacity.

Solution Functionality

Customer Relationship Management:
  • Registration of contacts with existing or prospective customers;
  • Keeping a register of existing or prospective customers that includes such information as full order data, the amount of advance payment and the amount of debt;
  • Checking the receipt of advance payment before the order placed by a customer is accepted;
  • Checking customer integrity status before the order is accepted, the decision to change a customer integrity status is based on customer activity data (delays in payment, claims, returns);
  • Scheduling customer contacts, notifying responsible persons of scheduled contact dates;
  • Customer document management (licenses, permits, etc.), tracking document validity period;
  • Managing electronic copies of customer documents.
Contract Management:
  • Managing draft contracts;
  • Keeping a register of contracts;
  • Automated drafting, approval, validation of draft contracts;
  • Managing electronic copies of documents;
  • Follow-up of approval and validation deadlines, notifying responsible persons in case of missed deadlines;
  • Tracking contract expiration dates, notifying the user in charge of contract expiration.

Warehouse Management:
  • Warehouse inventory control, management of inventory storage locations;
  • Barcoding the incoming items;
  • Filling in incoming receipts documents using barcode scanning;
  • Generating a list of inventory storage locations for item receipts;
  • Managing movement of stock to shipping warehouse;
  • Creating and managing item kits for customers, order picking control using barcode scanning;
  • Barcoding the item kits for shipment (against a waybill).

Order Management:
  • Creating an order;
  • Follow-up of order processing stages;
  • Checking items included in the order using barcode scanning before they are picked up by a freight forwarder;
  • Checking items included in the order delivered to recipient.
  • Generating documents (waybill, invoice);
  • Generating summary and detailed reports.
This solution is based on 1C platform and it can be integrated with the existing Manufacturing

Enterprise Management system.

Asset Management System

This solution is designed to effectively manage corporate assets at all stages of asset life cycle
(asset acquisition/creation, use, retirement/disposal).

Challenges met by the product include:
  • Asset monitoring and protection
  • Increase of asset utilization and management efficiency
  • Regulatory reporting related to asset management
  • Verification of compliance with requirements of the applicable asset management legislation

Main functional modules:

Property and Land Management:
  • Keeping property and land registers;
  • Keeping records of Cadastre entries and property and land legal status;
  • Asset transaction management;
  • Scheduling payments under contracts;
  • Managing agency contracts.

Long-term Investment Management:
  • Keeping a register of long-term investments;
  • Planning and control of income to be received from long-term investments;
  • Transaction management;
  • Keeping a record of contributions to the assets of subsidiaries established as limited liability companies;
  • Monitoring efficiency of long-term investments;
  • Keeping a register of representatives in charge of long-term investment assets.

Non-core and Inefficient Asset Management:
  • Preparing for disposal of non-core and inefficient assets;
  • Keeping a register of non-core and inefficient assets;
  • Disposal of non-core and inefficient assets;
  • Planning of proceeds to be received from disposal of non-core and inefficient assets;

The system has been in operation for over 15 years in the course of which its functionality and user
interface have been constantly enhanced and improved. The solution is available in a number of
  • Built on SAP platform (for large holding companies);
  • Built on 1C platform;
  • Built on VisiData, an in-house developed platform (for a wider range of enterprises).

As a result, an optimal solution with a wide asset management functionality can be selected to meet
customer’s needs.

Data Integration

This solution is designed to integrate IT systems at data level.

Challenges met by the product include:
  • Consolidation of data stored in various IT systems including geographically distributed ones;
  • Acquisition of data for accurate consolidated reporting on the company or the group of companies;
  • Automated data exchange among separate IT systems.
Solution Functionality:
  • Interaction with local databases storing master data;
  • Data retrieval from the source application;
  • Conversion of retrieved data structure (data structure should comply with requirements of the destination application);
  • Monitoring delivery of retrieved data;
  • Data upload to destination application;
  • Checking referential integrity of delivered data;
  • Data integration using various transfer features (email, FTP, shared folders, Web service);
  • Support of automated data exchange in compliance with configurable data exchange procedures;
  • Publishing data retrieved from various IT systems via a Web service to be fed into external systems.
Product Benefits:
  • This solution is versatile and customizable to any customer systems.
  • The featured Open Component Model is based on using a set of plug-ins, dynamically pluggable components, to boost functionality. It enables customization and further software enhancement in case of a change in data integration requirements by activating new components without a need to change base components of a software;
  • Behaviour of interaction scripts depends on both meta data settings and creation of event handlers in Java Script thus ensuring the required flexibility of a tool;
  • The required data exchange is configured by creating an appropriate script with no need for programming.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA)

This solution is designed to automate management of complex multiparameter dynamic systems
such as gas transmission system, oil pipeline system, power grids, etc.

Challenges met by the product include:
  • Displaying tangible controlled objects in the form of object data model;
  • Monitoring process parameters;
  • Process analysis based on acquired data;
  • System operation control with the help of automated event logging;
  • Regulatory reporting.
Solution Functionality
  • Maintaining a single object data model (directories, classes, objects, attributes, parameters, relationship) within a geographically-distributed system;
  • Master data management including master data change request creation, processing and approval by stakeholders;
  • Automated creation of data acquisition templates;
  • Acquisition and control of session data and real time data;
  • Extensive data access capabilities (including access to DBMS, files of various types, OPC servers, and access via Web services);
  • Follow-up of scheduled data acquisition;
  • Event notification subsystem, detailed event logging for running processes;
  • Consolidated document management with an option to perform multilevel calculations;
  • Calculation algorithm design tool with no need for programming;
  • Displaying live monitoring data including real time dynamic data, graphic data (maps, process flow diagrams, charts).
Product Benefits
  • An integrated solution with a wide functionality from master data management using an object data model to complicated analytical reporting;
  • A unique calculation engine enabling prompt execution of computation-intensive tasks;
  • Flexible and easy-to-customize system with no need for programming;
  • Complies with import substitution program requirements.

Master Data Management

This solution is designed for master data management across geographically distributed IT systems.

Implementation and maintenance of a single consistent master data management system makes it
possible to:
  • Maintain a centralized database for master data management (directories, classes, objects, attributes, parameters, relationship);
  • Interact with local databases storing master data;
  • Perform master data operations (data view, search and retrieval, data printing, etc.)
  • Enable business units to generate requests for change of centralized master data (with an option to attach electronic copies of documents);
  • Forward requests for change from local databases to the centralized database (with data delivery and loading confirmation receipt and a channel duplication option);
  • Approve and validate requests for change (an option is available to create an approval list and to automatically notify a user of the need to have the request for change approved);
  • Generate a master data update package (master data version);
  • Introduce changes to the centralized database (a single point of reference for master data);
  • Replicate master data to local databases (user will be automatically notified of a scheduled master data update);
  • Maintain an archive of master data versions;
  • Import master data from an external system;
  • Access metadata and master data from external systems using API via HTTP.
This solution is versatile and customizable to any customer systems.

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