Billing or billing system is an automated software system designed for accounting of services provided, their charging and invoicing for payment.

Russian Billing H&S Appliance

Automation of accounting for utilities (gas, electricity, water supply, etc.) capable to calculate
both for all resources simultaneously, and for each separately.
Russian Billing H&S Appliance enables:
  • Manage customer (subscriber) accounts
  • Include technical maintenance
  • Register technical works on requests
  • Charge amounts due for payment (make tariffs) making allowance for benefits and
differential pricing
  • Issue notices and receipts for payment of services
  • Book receipts for payment of services
  • Log customer (subscriber) appeals
  • Log customer (subscriber) visits
  • Carry out claim work

The appliance is tuned in accordance with regional legislation. When implementing the
complex, the history of working with subscribers is preserved (data of previous systems are
converted and loaded into the appliance).
Using the Russian Billing H&S Appliance will help you achieve information transparency of
activities aimed at providing public services to the population, improve the quality of charging
and collecting household payments for utilities, reduce the time-consuming routine
operations associated with the input and processing of the information.
We also offer to see EnergyBilling solution at ICL Solutions website. EnergyBilling is a
modern technology tool for billing by an energy sales company of any scale.

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