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It is already difficult to imagine a modern enterprise of public catering without the automated
systems. Today automation of food enterprises is a major step towards high-quality and fast
operation of the public place, as well as an excellent opportunity to increase profits.
Everything is important here: speed of service and skill of personnel, control of employees’
actions, transparency of accounting and the ability to manage the enterprise remotely. This is
only a small part of the functionality that a modern information system should provide to
public catering enterprises.
Specialists of our company who have more than 15 years of experience in this sector can
easily solve these and many other tasks.
Main functions:
  • Procurement management (Planning and accounting);
  • Inventory management (Total and quantity/sum real-time inventory management);
  • Production management (Planning and accounting);
  • Considering the specifics of the diet in the compilation and approval of the menu;
  • Inventory of mutual settlements with suppliers;
  • Sales management;
  • Inventory of other assets (clothes, dishes, fixed assets);
  • Management accounting: income and expenses, cash flow, balance sheet statement;
  • Online data on the state of the enterprise from different analytical viewpoints;
  • Data exchange with front offices and accounting systems.

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