Customer Relationship Management - CRM

Technology-savvy tool used for creating an integrated customer relationship environment that allows continuously improving the quality of service and internal efficiency indicators.


1С:CRM solutions enable to organize effective work of sales, service, logistics, marketing, analytical, quality and other departments at all stages of interaction with customers and within the company. The solution encompasses:
  • Customer base;
  • Sales management tools;
  • Marketing management tools;
  • Service management tools;
  • Time management tools;
  • Project management tools;
  • Key Performance Indicator Management (KPIs) tools;
  • Business processes management tools;
  • Access to the system via the Internet;
  • Access to the system from mobile devices: iOS, Android, Windows;
  • Computer telephony.

CRM Additional Modules:
  • Interaction with social media;
  • Integration with the company’s website;
  • Data analysis by BI systems;
  • Streamlining customer support cycle (Service Desk)

CRM Key Values:
  • A single customer base kept up to date;
  • Guaranteed communication between departments and/or staff without any ‘information gaps’;
  • Continuous improvement of the company’s business processes due to their description in the working environment;
  • A single tool for interacting with customers to manage the sales process;
  • Objective findings on customer acquisition channels (ROI) and tracking demand for expanding the company’s product line;
  • Increase customer satisfaction;
  • Analytical reporting for management decisions.

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