Electronic Document Management System

Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) is an automation solution that streamlines the
document flow and handling in an organization.

Data Exchange Automation Tool Developed in the 1С:Enterprise 8.3 environment

Data exchange automation tool developed in the 1С:Enterprise 8.3 (Data Exchange
subsystem) environment is designed to provide the replication of data between multiple
similar or different 1С:Enterprise 8.3 configurations. A distinctive feature of the software
product is the ability to flexibly configure the rules and routes of replication in the
1С:Enterprise mode. Using this Data Exchange subsystem makes it possible to provide a
single space of normative and reference information, electronic document management and
collection of aggregated data (consolidation) for the corporate information system of an
enterprise consisting of geographically distributed nodes.
The Data Exchange subsystem can tackle the following tasks:
  • Description of types of configuration objects participating in the replication;
  • Customization of data replication and routing rules, and configuring time sheets;
  • Configuring transportation for replication packages;
  • Data replication between the nodes of information system of the enterprise;
  • Aggregated data replication between the nodes of information system of the enterprise.

Its configuration is original; no external tools are used for configuring, but standard
programming tools of 1С:Enterprise 8.3 only.
Standard configuration on 1С:Enterprise 8.3 platform is required for the operation of the
program. The software product has code fragments unavailable for change (configuration
delivered without all of the source codes).

1С:Document Management

1С:Document Management tackles the tasks of electronic document handling, employees
interaction, performance discipline control and review, namely:
  • Centralized safe-keeping of documents;
  • Prompt access to documents with user role-based access permissions;
  • Incoming and outgoing documents filing;
  • Viewing and editing documents;
  • Document version control;
  • Working with any document types: office documents, texts, images, audio and video files, documents of design systems, archives, applications, etc.;
  • Full text search of documents based on content;
  • Teamwork of users with the ability to agree, approve and review the execution of documents;
  • Document routing, customizable depending on document type;
  • Automated downloading of documents from e-mail and scanner;
  • Employee time tracking.

Implementation of 1С:Document Management 8 provides 80% increase in processing speed.
  • 53% improvement of performance/discipline.
  • 50% lost paperwork avoidance.
  • 47% reduction of processes to order.
  • 30% centralized storage.
  • 18% accurate compliance with payment schedules and performance of contractual  obligations.
  • 12% ability to analyze and optimize the company’s activities

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