Human Resources Management are HRM systems designed for payroll, accounting and management of your company’s labour resources.

1C:Payroll and HR Management

1С:Payroll and HR Management supports all basic HR management processes, as well as the processes of personnel records, payroll, tax calculation, generation of reports and certificates to government agencies and social funds, planning labour costs:

For business owners and executives:
  • Let remote access work
  • Monitoring for business executives
  • Administration of accruals and changes in salaries
  • Approval of applications (for leave, recruiting, training)
  • Analysis of personnel costs
  • Reports on personnel.

For HR director:
Support of all HR management processes:
  • Recruitment
  • Training and employee development
  • Performance appraisals
  • Company succession pipeline
  • HR recordkeeping
  • Staff cost planning and analysis
  • Incentives and benefits
  • Health and safety.

For HR or payroll employees:
  • Regulated personnel records in accordance with legislation
  • Calculation of wages/salaries for various accrual schemes for a large number of posts
  • A wide range of types of accruals both regulated and specific for a particular enterprise
  • Automatic calculation of taxes and contributions

For line managers:
  • Application management
  • Salary changes management
  • Coordinating candidates for vacancies
  • Gaining information on subordinates

For regular employees:
  • employee workplace: remote viewing and managing personal data
  • remote interaction with staffing and personnel services

1C:Payroll and HR Management enables to:
  • Optimize the implementation of business processes by ensuring effective information interaction of all departments
  • Enhance the quality and efficiency of personnel performance as a result of streamlining and automating business processes
  • Improve the quality of management information, its reliability, transparency and accessibility to the management of an organization for any period of time to make adequate managerial decisions
  • Reduce risks in making managerial decisions by providing management with complete, timely, reliable and up-to-date information.

Career Portal

Career Portal is a unified information and communication platform for population, educational establishments, companies and organizations.
Career portal participants:
  • Students, young graduate professionals and entry-level employees;
  • Employers, companies and organizations of various forms of ownership that support a practice-oriented training model;
  • Universities and other educational establishments.

The solution has the following advantages:
For an employer:
  • Selection of candidates for filling vacancies from the entire stream of students of all basic universities;
  • Viewing a detailed resume of each candidate, including a list of competencies, past practices and internships, feedback from educators and employers;
  • Conducting specialized courses and trainings, as well as adapting production practices for the theoretical course of an educational establishment;
  • Positioning the company as a stable and reliable employer.

For students:
  • Creation of a detailed portfolio with a list of key competencies, skills, additional courses and completed internships;
  • Analytical survey on employers, where the specialty received by the student is in demand — the average salary, the list of necessary skills, the total amount of vacancies, rating indicators for employers;
  • Ability to apply for an internship in the place of stay.

For educational establishments:
  • Transition to the practice-oriented training model focusing the learning process on the needs of employers;
  • Tracking indicators of the relevance of students, the opportunity to identify a group of students with whom it is necessary to conduct additional training activities;
  • Possibility of attracting a career adviser;
  • Analytical reviews in the context of faculties, specialties, forms of training and other criteria that allow forming a comprehensive vision of the demand for students of an educational establishment.

UIS Staffing

Staffing Unified Information System enables to propel personnel management processes to a fundamentally new level of quality having formed a single information space for storing personnel information and handling it based on a system of reports, forecasts and conclusions, as well as for data retrieval.
The system is intended for the Personnel Council of any constituent entity of the Russian Federation, the Department/Directorate for Personnel of the state and/or municipal services, for personnel services of federal and regional authorities of any scale, including agencies with complex organizational structure.
The solution has the following advantages:
  • Building a highly professional and competent team and a balanced staff reserve;
  • Transparent and efficient principles of staff rotation;
  • Transparent motivation and incentives for employees;
  • Effective contract terms to ensure a decent salary/wage for smart and active people;
  • Process approach to personnel management, generating scenarios for the development of human capital in the Republic of Tatarstan;
  • High personal data protection for employees.

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