Information security is one of the aspects most difficult to control in business. The leakage of
information, virus and other malicious activity coming from external public communication
networks, and many other things, can adversely affect the operations of any organization and
have a negative impact on the trust of partners. That is why the experts of the ICL Group advise
paying special attention to this aspect.

System for Generating Matrix of Access Permission to Corporate Assets

The System is designed to provide automated generation of the current picture of user access
rights to corporate assets and monitor its changes.
The results of the System operation are provided to the responsible employees of the
organization in the form of a matrix of user access rights to corporate assets.
The System is a web-oriented solution and requires no client software installation.
Advantages of system implementation:
  • Centralized generation of the matrix of users’ access rights to corporate assets and control
of its changes;
  • Increasing the effectiveness of solving tasks aimed to control access to the information
critical for the organization;
  • Automating tasks to build an up-to-date access permission matrix that leads to significant
reduction in the burden on security administrators and application administrators;
  • Prompt presentation of the current picture of user access rights;
  • Meeting the requirement to build an access permission matrix for the certification of IT
systems compliance with requirements.

Integrated Information Security Management System

Integrated Information Security Management System (IISMS) is designed to implement and
automate IS management processes.
Advantages of system implementation:
  • Creating a single point of control over the IS activities, obtaining objective information
about the state of information security in the company as a whole;
  • Formalizing the requirements for the protection of information assets based on their
critical importance and existing risks;
  • Optimizing everyday activities of IS and IT professionals, improving the effectiveness of
their interaction;
  • Creating a unified technology platform for information security management integrated
with a variety of protection tools.

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