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State and Municipal Property System

State and Municipal Property System is designed to maintain the registry of state and
municipal property by ministries, departments, committees, administrations and departments
of property and land relations. It can be used both at the level of the territorial entities of the
Russian Federation, and in the capitals of the territorial entities of the Russian Federation,
towns of regional subordination and in rural settlements.
The System enables the following:
  • Keep records of all property types, the characteristics of asset depending on the type of property
  • Store archive of documents by assets
  • Keep the registry of asset holders
  • Provide information support for on-site inspections
  • Generate various reports and certificates, including the registry of state property,
extracts from the register, a map of state property accounting and a list of state
property held by a legal entity, a report on the movement of the asset holder’s
The System provides the exchange of data and verification of discrepancies with the
territorial body of the Federal Service for State Statistics. It also gives an opportunity for
online work with the asset holders of state and/or municip

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