Certified and secure operating systems that can handle large amounts of data and implement limited access information processing systems. ICL’s software products and solutions have a modular design flexible to exactly meet our customers’ needs.


ICLinux is a certified and secure operating system that can handle information in compliance with the Federal Law FZ No. 152 «On Personal Data» and implement limited access information (not related to state secrets) processing systems. ICLinux has a modular design flexible to meet our customers’ needs.
ICLinux key features:
  • ICLinux is based on the open source software
  • RDP, X-Windows System, SSH, Telnet, VNC, VPN, NX, ICA support
  • Built-in firewall certified for compliance with the Regulatory Document for Firewalls of Class 3 security
  • Remote administration
  • Compatibility with Aladdin R.D. products
  • FSTEC of Russia certificate for no undocumented features by inspection level 4, Class 3 security in compliance with the Regulatory Document for Firewalls
  • ICLinux mechanisms can be used to build Class 1Г automated systems and information systems using personal data up to Level 1 security inclusive
  • Ability to develop additional software modules

Our clients include those who are:
o engaged in the processing of personal data, and working with confidential information that requires certified means of information security
o are in need of remote, fixed, secure access
o using the technology of terminal access of users to the information resources of the organization
These companies primarily include banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, healthcare organizations, retailers, and educational institutions.

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