Product Data Management (PDM) are solutions for managing data on your company’s products.

1С:Enterprise 8. PDM Engineering Data Management

1С:PDM solution enables to:
  • Manage product electronic structure (GOST 2.053-2006);
  • Manage file archive of design and process documentation;
  • Keep records of originals and copies of a paper archive (GOST 2.501-88);
  • Calculate labour standards and material acceptance criteria;
  • Operate with electronic change notifications;
  • Differentiate the rights of access to design and process information.

The product implementation at any enterprise significantly reduces product release lead-time by automating the process of borrowing components of products and providing tools to control the flow of work on projects while preparing for product design and production process.

The benefits of using 1C:PDM. The main benefit is shortening the product design time, i.e. shortening the time of product entry to the market and improving the quality of the product. Reducing the time to market is achieved primarily by improving the efficiency of the product design process:
  • Redemption of the designer from the unproductive costs of his/her time associated with the search, copying and archiving of data, which is 25-30% of his/her time;
  • Improving the interaction between designers, process engineers and other participants of the product life cycle through the support of parallel design techniques, which leads to a reduction in the number of product changes;
  • Significant reduction in the period of the change in the design of the product or the technology of its production due to better control of the flow of work in the project;
  • Sharp increase in the share of borrowed or slightly modified components in the product (up to 80%) by providing the ability to search for a component with the necessary characteristics.

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