Safety of living (SOL) are systems specially designed to automate the operations of organizations who are engaged in keeping up human health and maintaining it throughout life.

AMS Ambulance

This IT-based integrated solution is designed for automation of ambulance and accident and emergency response services of any scale. It is a standard solution corresponding to the requirements of the RF Ministry of Healthcare.

AMS Ambulance supports a complete set of operations, from reception and dispatch of calls to statistical data procession and performance assessment, accounting of medical supplies and POLs, bills/rosters generation and transfer to Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund, ambulance crew mobile workspaces.

AMS Ambulance includes an information interaction subsystem that provides the possibility of integration with external information systems, including System 112, systems of other emergency response services, GLONASS/GPS vehicle monitoring systems, and medical information systems.

AMS Ambulance enables to:
  • Reduce call reception and dispatching time and, as a result, hasten the arrival of the ambulance crew to a medical call
  • Monitor the immediacy of medical care
  • Optimize ambulance crew performance
  • Automate report generation
  • Analyse performance by various parameters

AMS System 112

It is designed for receiving and processing of incoming calls on 112 telephone number, forwarding emergency information on incidents to the relevant duty and dispatch services and monitoring their response. The information gathered in the system helps in making decisions on the prevention and elimination of the consequences of acute situations and emergencies.

AMS System 112 provides the possibility of integration with automated systems of duty and dispatch services 01, 02, 03, 04, etc., geoinformation systems, systems of municipal and regional situational centers.

AMS System 112 is used to reduce the waiting time for services, increase the speed of forwarding the incident information to the corresponding response services, improve the interaction of emergency operational services, and, therefore, reduce the possible social and economic damage from accidents and emergencies.

AMS System 01

It is designed to automate the fire-fighting duty and fire control services, the control center for the forces of the State Fire Service and fire brigade units.

The System provides:
  • Receiving reports on fires, accidents, emergencies and other incidents from the public, organizations, duty dispatcher and emergency services, fire control systems
  • Fire brigade management when processing incident reports
  • Warning other interacting duty and dispatch services
  • Generation of manning schedules, 1-4/ES reports, statistical and analytical reporting

AMS System 01 is used to reduce call processing time and response time to the incident report, and, therefore, reduce the social and economic consequences of fires and other incidents.

ADS Police Dispatch Centre

It is designed to automate the activities of duty units of the Department of Internal Affairs.

The System provides:
  • Receiving and logging incident reports
  • Management of squads on duty when processing incident reports
  • Monitoring police unit activity in the course of first response
  • Exchange of information on incidents with other duty and dispatch services
  • Formulating the results of response and filling in the final description
  • Maintaining manning schedules
  • Generating the daily summary

ADS Police Dispatch Centre is used to reduce call processing time, response time to the incident report, and time of information dissemination between the corresponding units, and, therefore, to solve the crime without delay. ADS Police Dispatch Centre enables to increase the efficiency of police activity as part of an integrated system for ensuring the safety of the population.

CAM Traffic Police Patrol

It is designed to automate the activities of road traffic police units and created in accordance with the requirements of the order from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation of March 2, 2009 No. 186 «On measures to improve the traffic police patrol activities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation».

The System provides:
  • Receiving reports on incidents connected with traffic
  • Control of the main and assigned forces and resources in real time
  • Control over the response to an incident report
  • Automated transfer of the results on the processing of logged incident reports
  • Transfer of information to the relevant duty and dispatch services
  • Planning of line units
  • Creation of basic, additional and special dislocations
  • Scheduling lines of duty
  • Identifying accident clusters and building patrolling routes
  • Logging messages on deficiencies of roads and control of their processing
  • Generating a journal for accidents’ records, statistical and analytical reporting

AMS Traffic Police Patrol is used to reduce call processing time and response time to report an incident, improve management efficiency in carrying out special events by using own and assigned forces and resources, reduce the time for coordination and approval of the post log, and prepare reporting, analytical and statistical documents.

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