Transportation Management System - TMS

Transportation Management System (TMS) is a system providing information on costs, freight charges, etc. at each stage of transportation.

Transport Logistics

1C:Enterprise 8. Transport Logistics Standard provides the following functions:
  • Handling transport orders, daily job sheets and strict running schedules;
  • Issuing and processing truck/car/special vehicle waybills of lading;
  • Adjusting fuel consumption rates, log fuel supply and distribution;
  • Accounting for repairs and scheduled maintenance of vehicles;
  • Accounting for installed tires, batteries, first-aid kits and optional equipment;
  • Control over the expiration of the validity of documents issued to drivers and vehicles (medical certificates, mandatory vehicle insurance policies, MOT test certificates, etc.);
  • Maintaining price lists and tariffs for transport services, calculating their cost, generating invoices and reports;
  • Charging drivers’ wages, generating flag sheets;
  • Direct costs and indirect costs calculation.

1C:Enterprise 8. Transport Logistics Standard can enable to:
  • Optimize downtime of vehicles;
  • Optimize fuel costs and repairs;
  • Optimize tariffs for transportation services;
  • Optimize the labour costs for drivers;
  • Optimize the useful life of vehicles;
  • Increase productivity by automating routine work.

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