1 Corporate life
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Corporate life

ICL is 25!

ICL is 25!

Company’s birthday

In 2016, ICL Group celebrated its 25th birthday!
Sports and Leisure 7

Sports and Leisure

The Company rents gyms for you to play football, volleyball and basketball with colleagues on a
regular basis. We also have a football and a volleyball teams that take part in championships, both
corporate and external.

ICL participates in Global Corporate Challenge, an international program. If you value healthy
lifestyle and competitiveness you are welcome to join us: we stay in good shape and compete with
teams of Rolls-Royce, Fujitsu, and Coca-Cola. And when marathons are held in Kazan we cheer for
marathon runners from our Company.

In summer, together with colleagues and friends, you can relax in a bungalow on the bank of the
Volga river in the Company’s recreation center
Holidays All Year Round 6

Holidays All Year Round

Our main events are:
  • The Company’s birthday is a great summer dress-down holiday.  Theprogram includes entertainments (exotic ones, among other things, such
as a cryo show, and also Mafia game and other tabletop and active
games, etc.), dances to live music, fireworks and a birthday cake. Not
only professional artists, but talented employees as well perform before
an audience consisting of 500-800 colleagues.
  • Awarding of employees according to the results of the year — a highprofile
ceremony, an Oscar of our own, held in the depths of winter. The
most effective employees bask in glory and get rewards and their
colleagues rejoice for them and celebrate. A stand-up party and live
music, not to mention the after-party, drive out winter’s chill.

 ICL business units hold their own corporate parties celebrating New Year and the business units’
birthdays. You can also take part in family holidays, bike rides, picnics, and even Halloween. And if
you have kids, Father Frost will congratulate them with the New Year and invite them to the
children’s New Year’s Party organized by the Company
Likeminded People 4

Likeminded People

Among 2000 of ICL’s employees, you can find DJs and rock musicians, beatboxers and karatekas, vocalists and people playing intellectual games. And even if you have an uncommon hobby, you will find fellow thinkers and, for example, create a corporate rock group with them. By the way, together with likeminded people you can make the World better — for instance, help an orphan asylum or plant trees in the city.



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