A dynamic high-technology corporate group, today ICL is considered one of the largest IT companies in Russia, offering a wide range of IT products, services, projects and solutions. The company was originally founded as a joint venture between Kazan Manufacturing Enterprise of Computer Systems (KME CS) and the British International Computers Limited (ICL) at the premises of the former back in 1991.

Between 2002 and 2013, ICL was a part of Fujitsu Group, currently being its partner.

ICL's mission statement is, 'By bringing the brightest of talents together, we aspire to make the digital world an accessible and secure space for all businesses'

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Pushing the envelope in the IT industry, opening new laboratories, developing innovative solutions and focusing on advanced technologies—this is what makes ICL one of the most successful IT companies in Russia. By using ICL services, ICL customers can engage in strategic cooperation with the world's largest IT companies and access the latest developments, which helps them leverage their competitive advantage in the market. Continuous training, collaboration with leading academic institutions, advancement of tool technologies and continuous competence development are among ICL Group's number one priorities and principles when it comes to ensuring the group's sustainable development and effective capacity building.

The ICL Group currently comprises 4,000 employees working towards achieving sustainable development for the customer's businesses which include a number of domestic and international companies from various sectors.

Nowadays, ICL Group is considered one of the biggest IT businesses in Russia. As an international IT solution provider, we offer a wide range of IT services and products, including innovative computer tools, to over 1,900 customers from 35 countries around the globe.

ICL Group

Product and services cluster

ICL Services is a Russian IT services company that functions as a part of the ICL Group.

ICL System Technologies helps implement complex projects aimed at developing and maintaining IT infrastructure.

ICL Soft offers a variety of consulting and software development services.

Manufacturing cluster

ICL Techno is a company concerned with development, manufacture and delivery of computer hardware and computing solutions in accordance with national economic needs.

Security cluster

Scientific Production Association of Computer System Development is engaged in development of specialised application software, as well as implementation of information security systems.

Planned construction of the building of Technopark in Innopolis-Laishevo and the second phase of IT village in Usady
ICL Group celebrated its 25th anniversary
ICL Group became a resident of the Innopolis special economic zone (SEZ), and opened ICL System Technologies Ltd based in Innopolis
In tandem with the global trends, within the umbrella branding strategy, ICL team have worked in several areas and as the result two new brands — ICL Services and ICL Solutions (former Manufacturing Systems and Corporate Solutions) appeared in the Russian market

The Engineering Centre specializing in software development and delivery as well as customer service launched at the same site as the plant
Agreement on strategic partnership with Fujitsu signed

The 51% stock of ICL’s shares bought out from Fujitsu; ICL has been doing business as a 100% Russian company since April 2013

The Computer Equipment Assembly Plant commissioned with production capacity of 300 thousand units per year and an Engineering Centre opened. Construction of the enterprise to be completed in 2017 with a total production capacity of million units per year
ICL begins construction of a new computer manufacturing enterprise near Kazan
Agreements reached on launching new projects in IT outsourcing for European customers
Started ICL all-in-one PC production; desktop and laptop PC production and delivery within the framework of RT President’s projects ‘A Computer for a Teacher’ and ‘A Computer for a School’

Integrated Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) data with Microsoft Axapta for the first time in Russia

Automated Data Exchange System, a 1C-based solution used in all projects for distributed structures obtained the 1C:Compatible! certificate

Began systematic construction of the IT village for IT specialists in Usady
Signed the agreement with Fujitsu Technology Solutions on industrial assembly of the whole Fujitsu product line in Kazan for Russian customers

Started RAYbook Bi149 netbook production
Started remote administration services for Fujitsu Services corporate information system; entered the international market

Developed Office Kit solution and put it into production
IT & Security Forum, the largest Russia’s conference with annual participation of more than 500 people from 55 cities and towns of Russia, held for the first time
ICLab, a new mobile computer class, entered the market

Joined ABISS (Association for Banking Information Security Standards) as a full member in the capacity of a consulting organization
Had the largest volume of Microsoft software sales in the Volga Federal District

ICL Services founded as a separate ICL business unit

System Technologies founded as a separate ICL business unit. System Technologies managed to implement more than 70 information security projects within a year

Started participating in the Federal Target Program «Improvement of Road Traffic Safety» in Roszdrav’s activity area
Implemented the first business solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Enterprise solution
Started RAYbook laptop production

Established the Server Centre of Competence in Intel-based solutions, the first one in the Volga Region

Development and the first delivery of Pantsyr M special-purpose
hardware & software appliance
Named among TOP 10 OEM Leaders (according to Expert RA rating)
PC and peripherals delivery of within the framework of ‘Children of Russia’ presidential program
On-line Information Systems founded as a separate ICL business unit. Key business areas including three: design and development of on-line monitoring systems, real-time accounting systems, and industry-specific solutions

Started to deliver computers meeting general safety requirements to school equipment (GOST 28139-89)

The first implementation of MRP II standards in the production environment in Russia

Started to deliver computers to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan
All the lines of equipment manufacturing were structured and united into a separate ICL business unit — Production and Sales Centre (now ICL Techno)

With the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan, an Open Republican Tournament in Programming among high school and university students, aimed at finding and supporting talented young people, began to be held annually and was held up to 2016
Corporate Information Systems founded as a separate ICL business unit specializing in design, creation, implementation and maintenance of distributed information management systems
Started Intel-based server production
Equipped control points of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation with standard automatic control systems
Started the supply and delivery of secure in design computer equipment to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

For the first time in Kazan, ICL team automated a supermarket using barcode technology, an innovative one for that period. The project lay the foundation of Finance Systems, one more ICL business unit
Started RAY computers production
Started ICL DRS 6000 servers licensed production

Started the supply and delivery of DRS 6000 for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, and industrial enterprises
ICL founded at the premises of Kazan Manufacturing Enterprise of Computer Systems (KME CS) with the participation of International Computers Limited (ICL), later Fujitsu Services Limited
Manufacturing Systems & Corporate Solutions (now ICL Solutions) and Computer Systems founded as separate ICL business units responsible for the complete package of consulting services for improvement of customers’ business processes and software development, automated control systems, and data protection respectively
Victor Diachkov

Victor Diachkov

Chairman of the Board of Directors

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Head of ICL Group
  • Director of Global Data Consulting and Services LLC

Victor Diachkov graduated from Kazan Aviation Institute majoring in Computer Engineering in 1974. He started his professional career at Kazan Computer Plant where he worked his way up from a service engineer to a workshop manager.

In 1988 and 1990, he successfully completed the executive training course at the USSR Foreign Trade Academy and at the School of Business, Duke University, USA. In 1991, Victor Diachkov helped to establish ICL — KME CS (which later became ICL Group) founded as a joint venture by Kazan Manufacturing Enterprise of Computer Systems (KME CS) and Britain’s International Computers Limited (ICL).


Under his leadership, ICL became one of the leaders in Russia’s IT market.


  • — The Order of Merits for the Republic of Tatarstan
  • — RT medal for Valorous Labour
  • — Medal “In memory of 1000th anniversary of Kazan”
  • — many other certificates of honour

Evgeny Stepanov

Evgeny Stepanov

General Director of JSC ICL — KME CS

  • General Director of JSC ICL — KME CS
  • Director of Production and Sales Center
  • General Director of ICL Techno LLC

Evgeny Stepanov is a very experienced executive. He contributed greatly to the establishment of computer manufacturing at ICL Group starting from the assembly of the first personal computer to manufacturing of a number of hardware product lines under its own RAY brand.

Evgeny Stepanov became Director of Production and Sales Center and made ICL Group one of the leading computer manufacturers in Russia in 2000.

Under his leadership, ICL Group became a preferred contractor for computer hardware delivery to various industry sectors including education, healthcare and defence industry within the framework of large-scale federal and local government procurement projects. Evgeny helped to build an extensive network of service centers and sales partners across Russia.

In 2016, Evgeny Stepanov was appointed General Director of ICL Techno, a manufacturing enterprise incorporated in ICL Group with production capacity of up to 300,000 items a year.

In 2019, Evgeny Stepanov was appointed General Director of JSC ICL — KME CS.


  • — ICL Group has been on Top 5 list of the leading computer manufacturers in Russia since 2006
  • Establishment of ICL Techno LLC, a computer hardware manufacturing enterprise and a resident of Innopolis Special Economic Zone


  • — Certificate of Honour of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation
  • — Medal “In memory of 1000th anniversary of Kazan”
  • — Certificate of Honour of the Ministry of Informatization and Communications of the Republic of Tatarstan
  • Letter of Appreciation from Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan

Sergey Soloviev

Sergey Soloviev

Director of the service and product cluster

Sergey Soloviev started his professional career at ICL as an engineering consultant in technical department in 1992, soon after he graduated from Kazan Aviation Institute majoring in Computer Systems, Complexes and Networks.

A large number of software development and integrated IT system implementation projects for both public and corporate clients were successfully completed under his leadership.

His most successful long term project is the establishment of ICL Services. It has always been important for Sergey Soloviev that apart from performing their duties and responsibilities and following the established business processes, his team should always be proactive and ambitious. That is why each employee of ICL Services is challenged to constantly develop his or her expertise, boost productivity, put accrued knowledge to practical use, and share it with team members.

Consistent development of workforce capacity and improvement of business processes enabled Sergey Soloviev to achieve the critical goal and become one of the top suppliers of managed IT services in IT infrastructure management and software development.


Establishment of ICL Services


  • — Certificate of Honour of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan
  • — Certificate of Honour of the Ministry of Economy and Industry of the Republic of Tatarstan
  • — Medal “In memory of 1000th anniversary of Kazan”
  • — Certificate of Honour of the City of Kazan
  • — Leader of the Year award (2015)
  • — Title “Honoured Information Technologies and Communication Systems Worker of the Republic of Tatarstan”

Igor Kulmyakov

Igor Kulmyakov

Director of Computer Systems

Igor Kulmyakov graduated from Kazan State Technical University n. a. Tupolev majoring in Computer Systems, Complexes and Networks in 1996 and was hired by JSC ICL — KME CS as an engineer in customer service department. Owing to his business acumen and outstanding professional skills, Igor managed to master the main business operations of the enterprise in a short period of time and was promoted to Director of the leading business unit within ICL Group.

In 2013, Igor Kulmyakov graduated from the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.


Under his sound leadership, Computer Systems became a dynamically developing business unit that has been increasing its business capacity year by year. Today, it is one of the leading business units of the enterprise in terms of revenue generation.


  • — Certificate of Honour of the Ministry of Economy and Industry of the Republic of Tatarstan
  • — Certificate of Honour of the Ministry of Informatization and Communications of the Republic of Tatarstan
  • — Letter of Appreciation from President of the Republic of Tatarstan

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