ICL Soft is a Russian IT company that develops software and application solutions for businesses. It is part of the ICL group of companies.

The company is among the top 10 largest Russian IT companies in the segment of software development and ERP services. In addition, ICL Soft has over 20 years of experience in creating, implementing, and maintaining solutions based on 1C:Enterprise.

The company employs over 900 developers together with 150 analysts and architects. ICL Soft offers turnkey solutions that include analytics, developing and implementing solutions, and transferring the solutions for maintenance and direct support.

Industry expertise — the fuel and energy complex, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, chemical industry, instrumentation industry, retail, logistics and transport, public sector, finance and insurance, construction, housing and utilities, communications, medicine.

20 years of experience in implementing solutions for businesses has shown us that existing IT solutions do not always solve all the existing tasks. So we came up with the idea to create our own IT products, which are currently implemented in the infrastructure of dozens of organizations and have been recognized by our customers from different industries.

Today's world is unimaginable without digital technology. The Internet of things, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robots have found their place in almost every sector of the economy. Digital transformation is one of the most urgent tasks for many enterprises, as the introduction of digital technology has proven to significantly improve production efficiency, reduce costs, etc.

To move the company to the rails of digitalization, it is necessary to formalize and optimize the company's business processes. Certain administrative changes also have to be made. In certain cases, the reorganization of the structure of the company is also excluded.

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