ICL Services is a Russian IT services company. It is one of the top 10 largest IT services companies in Russia and the only Russian organization that holds the Leader status in the IAOP Top 100 Outsourcing Companies of the World rating.

The company provides IT outsourcing services 24x7 in Russian, English, German, and French. ICL has offices in Moscow, Kazan, Voronezh, Vladivostok, and Kaliningrad.

The primary purpose of the suite of services offered by ICL Services is to provide customers with high-quality and technology-driven IT services, including:

  • the maintenance of all components of the customer's IT infrastructure, from data centers and user workstations to complex critical business applications, through the use of modern methodologies and flexible service models;
  • guaranteed availability of IT infrastructure and applications;
  • minimizing and splitting the risks of managing the company's IT infrastructure with the customer;
  • the transformation and modernization of IT infrastructure through the use of efficient technologies;
  • an increase in the customer's business efficiency due to the reliability and stability of IT services.

ICL Services provides an end-user service for customers requiring high-quality and quick fixes for technical problems. It is a procedure for receiving and routing calls, also known as Service Desk.

Reducing the cost of resolving end-user requests by half is its main advantage.

Our company provides field and local technical support in more than 200 cities of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. With a wide geographical and hourly coverage and a distributed network of offices in various cities, we provide uninterrupted service management 24/7 and offer flexible service configuration options.

Today the effective operation of the company is directly linked to how its IT infrastructure works. Therefore, one of the main tasks is to choose a quality provider of IT services.

IT infrastructure management is carried out in accordance with the international service approach, ITIL recommendations, and the established SLA.

ICL Services offers comprehensive maintenance of all IT infrastructure components from data centers to user workstations using state-of-the-art methodologies and flexible service models.

Taking into account the growth and development of your business (or its stagnation), ICL Services offers to support the management system in achieving the established goals.

Often the activities aimed at understanding how the processes in the company really work are biased because they are based on interviews with those who run these processes or are extremely time-consuming. This is why the ICL Services team looks at your company's work from varying perspectives. Evaluation, audit, the justification of development prospects and the use of special tools — this is what consulting's primary mission looks like.

IT consulting is one of the most popular areas of consulting services because IT technology is a crucial tool for business management.

As part of the IT consulting service, our specialists will:

  • enhance corporate processes;
  • implement information systems for enterprise management and customer service;
  • optimize the operation of the company's IT infrastructure.

The range of services offered at ICL Services is beyond the scope of anything you've seen before.

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