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Contract Manufacturing

ICL is one of Russia’s leading computer manufacturer assembling electronic products of the required configuration with an end-to-end cycle of testing and the subsequent delivery of finished products to customers’ warehouses. The chart below shows that retail banks increased their investments in information and communications technologies (ICT) in 2015 in connection with a changing trend in retail banking sector offering more and more online services.

Production site features

1. Own territory of 8 hectares located at 42 Dorozhnaya st., s. Usady, Laishevsky Municipal Region, 422624, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan 
    • 7 km from Kazan
    • 11 km from the international airport Kazan.
2. Enterprise security service including entry control points and CCTV system.
3. Manufacturing building
  • Telecommunications system, internet
  • Fire alarm system
  • CCTV and access control system
  • Parking lot for automobiles including road freighters
  • Area: 4646 sq. m
  • Production capacity: up 300 000 electronic devices per year
4. Assembly floor
  • Floor space of 990 sq. m
  • Drive belt conveyor line
  • Roller conveyor
  • Certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and Russian GOST РВ 15.002-203
5. Warehouse premises
  • Finished products storage area: 1305 sq. m
  • Stock storage area: 645 sq. m
  • Ceiling height: 9,4 m three-tier storage    
6. Cargo loading/unloading area 
  • 4 loading entrances with automatic dock type gates and loading/unloading ramp (ramp height of 1200 mm)
  • Dock leveller
  • Electric forklifts, electric stackers, pallet-packing machine.

Advantages of cooperation

  1. Own Computer Equipment Plant availability
  2. Multi-stage quality assurance system certified in compliance with ISO9001:2008 and Russian GOST РВ 15.002-203 that enables production meeting high international standards. The enterprise management system allows tracking batch components, finished products and the performance of all technological operations. Infrastructure, technical processes, production and testing facilities make it easy to change the volume of production and modernize it for the customer’s needs.
  3. Highly skilled personnel with extensive experience in all sectors of the production cycle.
  4. The personal manager, coordinating and communicating with the customer, assigned to each project.
  5. In addition to its core business, the company offers the following services:
  • Testing, setup, warranty and postwarranty maintenance
  • Design of packaging
  • Packaging of finished products
  • Storage of components and products in our own warehouse space
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