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Computer Equipment

ICL product lines include desktop computers for each consumer to make a choice of a PC that meets his/her needs, tasks, and desires. Whether you choose a desktop system for office, home or creative boutique, its configuration can vary within fairly wide limits. Based on latest Intel and AMD processors, ICL’s computers provide high performance, computing power, reliability, and security.
Mobile Systems of the Company are high work and entertainment performance with maximum mobility and convenience. They are represented by RAYbook laptop and RAYPad tablet computer lines.
The Company’s servers under its own brand name, teamRAY, are powerful and flexible solutions. Powerful and flexible solutions for the creation of cloud computing systems, high-performance computing, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of resource-intensive applications and mission-critical services. A wide range of typical models as well as the ability to design configurations for the customer's needs allow you to choose the optimal solution for an enterprise of any level. The reliability of the products is ensured by the standardization of production and certified quality control system (ISO 9001), 72-hour run-in under normal conditions and 24-hour stress testing. The warranty period for all server models is at least 3 years from the date of shipment to the customer. For more information on the server products and technical data, go to ICL Techno website.
InfoRAY multifunctional terminals are designed for electronic communications in public spaces. This terminal is essentially a hardware and software system based on a personal computer installed in an ergonomic vandal-proof enclosure equipped with a touch screen. It has such advantages as round-the-clock use availability without additional personnel, quick access to remote resources, and discrete distribution of consumers.

Production of Russian computing equipment that meets modern standards of import substitution, quality requirements, reliability, and economic efficiency.

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