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ICL System Technologies

ICL System Technologies is a Russian IT company. ICL ST implements complex projects in the field of systems integration, information security, software development, and network solutions.

The company's specialists work with large commercial and government agencies and are involved in the technological organization of large-scale events. When organizing large-scale events, the ICL specialists create an IT infrastructure for the event and then maintain it during the event.

The main advantages of the company include the application of a comprehensive approach to information security system construction, the use of Russian software and equipment (as well as of own design), and the application of unified technical solutions when building information security systems on the Customer's branch network.

The information security area of ICL ST:

  • 15 years of experience in the interests of Russia's largest commercial and government customers;
  • More than 300 employees: information security, network, and server technologies engineers, specialists in engineering systems and automated process control systems.

The Information Security division of the company has all the necessary licenses and certificates (FSTEC, FSS, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, partnerships with software and equipment manufacturers, an SRO membership) and provides services in the field of information security.

One of the most difficult aspects of business to control is information security. Data leakages, viral and other malicious activity coming from external public networks, and many other things can negatively affect corporate processes and the trust of partners. Therefore, information security issues are always given close attention. 

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