1 ICL’s Hardware Based Solutions
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ICL’s Hardware Based Solutions

Extensive experience in the supply of ICL computer equipment throughout Russia, participation in targeted federal programs, own certified production and deep competencies in system integration allow the company to develop and implement modern and high-tech IT solutions for various industries.
All solutions are built with regard to the specifics of each industry, as well as the requirements of federal laws, FSESs, regulatory documents, and the certification system for information security requirements.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

IT infrastructure solutions include creation and deployment of integrated solutions for IT infrastructure building as well as monitoring, inventory and management of computer equipment in local area and global networks.

ICL mDC RAY (microDataCenter)

ICL mDC RAY (microDataCenter) is a hardware and software appliance, Intel® Xeon® based micro datacenter that enables deploying a virtual IT infrastructure. It fits the definition of «micro datacenter out of the box».

IT Infrastructure Manager (ITIM)

A modular software package designed for centralized monitoring, inventory and management of computer equipment in local area and global networks.

Solutions for Healthcare

The implementation of the Company’s solutions aims at improving the quality of medical care and increasing its accessibility to the population in the framework of integrated automation of any medical and preventive treatment facility. The solution offerings for public health services have successfully passed the piloting stage in medical institutions in Russia and they comply with applicable standards and meet the requirements of the Federal Law on Personal Data. ICLMed software complex developed by the Company and certified by FSTEC of Russia enables the management of the solutions.

ICLMed telemedical complex for remote patient monitoring

ICLMed is designed to provide the efficient information support and management of data retrieval and processing procedures — data input from the medical devices of functional diagnostics and data flow synchronization with the medical information system.

Medical doctor’s secure mobile workspace based on RAYPad tablets

It is designed to provide a remote mobile workspace for an ambulance crew doctor, general practitioner or paramedic any medical doctor inside or outside the medical and preventive treatment facility. This solution is equipped with cryptographic protection facilities for communication channels, trusted OS boot, user identification and authentication certified by FSTEC of Russia.

For more information on these solutions, go to ICL Techno website.

Solutions for Education

The solutions include all components for creating a modern e-learning environment; they allow using new teaching methods in the learning process and supporting educational activities in all age categories of students, from nursery schools to universities.

ICLab Mobile Computer Classroom

ICLab is a one-stop mobile solution that enables to create an interactive learning environment in the classroom and begin classes in any subject in a few minutes. All digital devices (both teacher’s and students’ ones) are based on the movable cart-safe. Using ICLab you can arrange face-to-face and team work, project-based activities using multimedia training materials, facilities and services provided by the Internet.

Teacher’s RAYbook Laptop

Teacher’s RAYbook laptop is a modern tool for teacher’s work that allows using new technologies, multimedia manuals and programs in the educational process making learning more effective and teaching more enjoyable. A wide range of connectors enables to connect any digital device to the laptop.

Student’s RAYPad Tablet

Student’s RAYPad Tablet is a digital solution for education that can be used as a laptop or a tablet depending on particular task. The undeniable advantages of this tablet are built-in webcams, two full-fledged USB ports, a multifunctional convenient keyboard cover and pre-installed software for arranging the educational process.

Interactive Tutorials

Cooperation with Russian companies who develop software and methodological packages and resources for the education system, gives us the opportunity to fill our solutions for education with software that reflects the real needs of the modern school and makes the learning process vivid and effective.
Software and methodological packages for pre-school education to support project-based, subject-oriented (maths, the world around, logics) fine and artistic decorative work, and designing for children from age of four that are accompanied with methodological recommendations on teaching.

For more information on these solutions, go to ICL Techno website.


ICL implements modern digital technologies in the retail sector for effective customer service.

Secure solutions

The creation and implementation of specialized information protection systems and IT infrastructure.

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