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Recommend a friend

  1. Choose a vacant position that can be good for someone of your friends or acquaintances. You can recommend a specialist with no reference to any specific vacancy.
  2. If the candidate is recruited after your recommendation, you will get your bonus. The bonus is paid for successful recommendations only if the vacancy is marked by the Bonus sign.

Our team regularly starts up new projects. Therefore, more than 2000 employees are on staff, and new vacancies open

We are happy to take beginner specialists and experienced professionals on our team. Recommend us new candidates and get a bonus of up to 30,000 rubles for a successful recommendation.

Frequently asked Questions

How shall I get the bonus for a successful recommendation?

As soon as your candidate is recruited, we’ll contact you and notify about the procedure for receiving
the bonus. That will be a one-time payment made after the signature of a recruitment services

How many candidates can I recommend?

You can recommend any number of candidates! The more specialists you recommend, the more
people may find an interesting job in a great team and the more bonuses you can get.

If my candidate doesn’t fit, will I not get the bonus?

Unfortunately, you will not. The bonus is paid only if the company concludes an employment contract
with your candidate. Try to recommend another specialist!

Why has my recommendation been rejected?

Grounds for refusal:
  • We already have this candidate in our database and we
  • contacted him/her in the last 3 months.
  • The candidate is already working for our company.
  • The recommendation was sent with violation of applicable laws of the Russian Federation.
HR-manager will most likely not be able to speak about the reasons for rejection of the
recommendation in more detail.

How can I know the results of my recommendation?

We’ll contact you within 3 working days since you sent the recommendation and notify you if the
recommendation has been accepted for consideration. The recommendation will be accepted if our
HR office did not contact your candidate in the last 3 months.

Will the candidate know who has recommended him?

Not necessarily. When submitting the recommendation you can tick «Recommend anonymously». In
that case, the recommended specialist will not know who has recommended him/her. However, you
will certainly get your bonus for a successful recommendation.

What information needs to be given in the recommendation?

We need only the candidate’s name, his/her contact telephone, email and which vacant position
he/she may claim. Other information we’ll clarify ourselves, when we contact him/her. It will be good
though if you add the candidate’s CV to your recommendation or if you specify links to his/her
profiles in social networks.

The question, if the candidate is interested in our vacancies, should not bother you. We don’t
demand that you should guarantee the candidate has all personal and professional skills.
We will see to everything!

Who can I recommend?

The circle of recommendable candidates is unrestricted! You can recommend candidates of any
specialization: programmers, system administrators, managers familiar with IT sphere, analysts, etc.

You can recommend your acquaintances, relatives, friends, colleagues, specialists from other
companies and professional communities.

You may not recommend yourself.

How much will I get for a recommendation?

You will get from 6,000 to 30,000 rubles for each successful recommendation. The sum depends on
the position in which the recommended specialist will be employed.
  • 30,000 rubles for a successful recommendation for a lead
  • vacancy.
  • 20,000 rubles for a specialist at a middle or senior position;
  • 6,000 rubles for a specialist at a junior position;
  • 3,000 rubles for an intern, after a successful internship

We will be able to decide on the position of «your» candidate (and thus calculate the bonus) after the
interview and our decision on employment. You can get information by sending a request to hr@iclservices.com
or when we contact you regarding the bonus payment
All amounts are before income tax.

For what recommendations the bonus is paid?

It is paid only for vacancies marked by the Bonus sign. Usually that makes 60-70% of vacancies.
We will be happy to have recommendations for other vacancies, too. We are sure that the person whom
you help in getting a job in ICL will be also happy about that!


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