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System Units

Traditional BasicRAY, SafeRAY, PowerRAY system units will provide increased productivity, high speed of data processing, the ability to connect additional devices in any workplace — from small businesses to large industrial enterprises.

ICL’s BasicRAY series computers are basic entry-level desktop PCs.

ICL’s SafeRAY series computers are reliable and productive PCs, a sustainable solution for home and office. They are more powerful than the basic model.

ICL’s PowerRAY series computers are fast and productive PCs for resource-intensive computing needs.

For more information on system units, go to ICL Techno website.

ICL’s Thin Clients and Nettops

ICL’s thin clients and nettops are compact and functional mini PCs. They successfully cope with the majority of office and everyday tasks (working in office applications, browsers, mail clients, etc.). Thin clients have high fault tolerance and low power consumption functions due to no moving parts.

For more information on ICL thin clients and nettops, go to ICL Techno website.

ICL’s All-in-One Computers

ICL All-in-Ones are compact computers with a single stylish design of the monitor and built-in system unit. The modern design of the case in tandem with full PC functionality makes the all-in-one an excellent business solution. An all-in-one computer can be an excellent solution for learning — due to the touch screen (optional) and interactive training programs.

For more information on the hardware and technical data, go to ICL Techno website.
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