1 Multifunctional Terminals
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InfoRAY multifunctional terminals are designed for electronic communications in public spaces. This
terminal is essentially a hardware and software system based on a personal computer installed in an
ergonomic vandal-proof enclosure equipped with a touch screen. It has such advantages as roundthe-clock
use availability without additional personnel, quick access to remote resources, and
discrete distribution of consumers.

Information and Payment Terminals

Information and payment terminals are designed to get help information and/or promotional content, and to provide unattended payment for various services. Their functionality can be adapted to meet the customer needs.

Virtual Client Terminals for Pension Fund of Russia

Designed to provide remote services by the Pension Fund of Russia via remote
consultations and accessibility to private office on PFR site. Focused on installation in public
space and providing a convenient interface for clients with reduced mobility.
For more information on the equipment and technical data, go to ICL Techno website.
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