1 Field support in Russia and the CIS
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Field support in Russia and the CIS

Our company provides field and local technical support in more than 200 cities of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. With a wide geographical and hourly coverage and a distributed network of offices in various cities, we provide uninterrupted service management 24/7 and offer flexible service configuration options.

Field service and equipment repair

Timely troubleshooting and the implementation of a set of preventive measures (PMs) can reduce and prevent the unscheduled downtime of equipment.

This service includes incident resolution; the execution of PMs; the fulfillment of change requests; remote diagnostics and technical support; exchange pool management; repair management; the operational monitoring of equipment; engineering systems maintenance; stock control; IT equipment disposal.

We provide maintenance during the standard service hours of 9/5, 12/5, 12/7, 24/7, or according to the customer's individual schedule. We make more than 100,000+ visits to customers each year.

For more information on the service, go to ICL Services website.

Local technical support and equipment repair

As part of this service, we provide a permanent local presence of our specialists at the customer's sites. This ensures the highest recovery time for critical equipment in the event of failure. 

We also provide around-the-clock support with the recovery time of the equipment beginning from 2 hours.

For more information on the service, go to ICL Services website.

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