1 Implementation and Migration
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We help implement and migrate applications to meet your business's current needs.

Migration of Applications, Data, Users, Infrastructure, Configurations, and Automated Business Processes

We provide a comprehensive suite of services for the seamless migration of applications, automation, and infrastructure to meet your business's current needs.

The migration services provided include:
  • Relocating applications from public to private clouds and vice versa;
  • Seamless migration of IT services;
  • Switching to Russian software;
  • Splitting or merging IT infrastructures;
  • Substituting applications from vendors who have discontinued support;
  • Migrating applications to other platforms and technology stacks.
For more information go to ICL Services website.

Implementation of IT Solutions

As part of this service, we will assess your IT landscape, design a solution, schedule deployment stages, carry out a pilot implementation, and deploy the solution in the production environment.

For more information go to ICL Services website.
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