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ICL Services takes care of your information security, significantly mitigating the potential for cyber threats.

Comprehensive Information Security Audit

The team at ICL Services carries out a comprehensive audit of your information security.
An information security audit enables you to:
  • Detect 'blind spots' not yet targeted by information security services,
  • Enhance the efficiency of the information security management system and existing protective measures,
  • Identify new risks to information security,
  • Minimize the risk of financial and reputational damage associated with information security incidents.
For more information go to ICL Services website.

Penetration Testing (Pentest)

Real-time vulnerability detection and analysis. We perform pentests on IT infrastructure and web applications and assess the security of IT systems.
Upon completion of the testing, you will receive:
  1. An in-depth analytical report detailing the testing method and its outcomes (how vulnerabilities were detected).
  2. A list of vulnerabilities sorted by priority and type, along with attack vectors.
  3. A tactical plan comprising recommendations to enhance the current security level of your business.
  4. A strategic plan that serves as a development roadmap for your company's information security system.
For more information go to ICL Services website.

ICL SOC: Detection of and Response to Cyber Threats

We provide high-level, real-time protection against cyber threats for your infrastructure.
Our SOC analysts are there 24/7, including on weekends and holidays, to:
  • Monitor your company's IT infrastructure,
  • Assess potential information security threats,
  • Investigate and respond to cyber incidents,
  • Continually step up security amidst constant changes such as evolving external cyberattacks or the transformation of your IT infrastructure.
For more information go to ICL Services website.

Design, Implementation, Migration, and Maintenance of Information Protection Tools

We'll design, deploy, and launch both individual information protection subsystems and comprehensive solutions that fit your company's needs.
As part of this service, we'll assist your business in addressing the following issues:
  • Providing stability for business applications;
  • Minimizing the risk of unexpected expenses;
  • Optimizing expenditures on information security;
  • Meeting cybersecurity regulatory standards.
For more information go to ICL Services website.
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