1 IT And Digital Consulting
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We offer IT and digital consulting services that help detect and address existing or anticipated issues, reduce or completely eliminate errors, and achieve your business's objectives.

Inspection and Consulting

Our inspection and consulting service effectively identifies and resolves emerging or anticipated issues, prevents incorrect decisions, and helps achieve your business's planned objectives through IT.

Inspections help identify vulnerabilities, hidden issues, evaluate inefficient expenditures, and assess the risks related to the company's information assets. Our consulting service proposes solutions and strategies for achieving business goals through suggestions for IT infrastructure and business process development.

For more information go to ICL Services website.

Software Asset Management

As part of the service, we offer software asset inventory, license verification, and analysis for potential replacement of your current software with Russian equivalents.

Our comprehensive software asset management service aims to:

  • Conduct an inventory of your software assets to identify any license deficiencies or surpluses;
  • Verify the compliance of used licenses with the developers' licensing policies;
  • Assess the feasibility of substituting the existing software with Russian counterparts.
For more information go to ICL Services website.

Gathering and formalizing requirements (system and business analytics)

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