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ICL Services has been developing software for over 16 years. We create individual web, desktop, and mobile appplications, as well as complex solutions that involve integrating various systems with each other, third-party systems, and hardware suites.

Bespoke Software Development

Our team of technical specialists will analyze, create, and deploy any concepts for digitizing and automating your business.

We will craft a solution that is specifically designed for your business needs and desires and uses technologies that seamlessly integrate into your infrastructure landscape and meet your technological requirements. 

The intellectual property rights for the developed software will be entirely yours. 

For more information go to ICL Services website.

Software Support and Development

We ensure the stable operation of all application features, their optimization, and ongoing refinement.

We offer support not only for our own applications but also for your pre-existing apps. We have the expertise to delve into any application, understand how it works, and start providing support.

For more information go to ICL Services website.

Software Testing

To reduce the risks of deploying a substandard product and the cost of software ownership, it is crucial to see if the product aligns with business needs and can operate effectively in a modern environment.

Types of testing:
  • Functional testing,
  • Automated testing,
  • Stress testing,
  • Localization testing,
  • Compatibility testing,
  • Usability testing,
  • Security testing,
  • Installation testing,
  • Acceptance testing.
For more information go to ICL Services website.

Software Integration

App integration combines independently developed software into a single corporate information environment, speeds up information exchange between systems, increases work speed, and eliminates the human factor, thereby reducing the number of errors.

Our specialists will choose a solution that caters to all of your business needs:

  • Point-to-point (P2P) integration
  • Creating an integration platform using message brokers
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) implementation.
For more information go to ICL Services website.

Dedicated specialists

ICL Services is ready to assist in growing your IT team. You can gain direct access to our highly skilled experts at any time, enabling you to adapt your business flexibly to the current circumstances.

With our straightforward interaction model, our experts will promptly begin work and deliver a comprehensive range of IT services for companies across various sectors: industry, finance, retail, transport, and more.

For more information go to ICL Services website.

Application modernization

Agile outstaffing

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