1 Application maintenance and support
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Application maintenance and support

Maintenance and support of business applications (AMS)

We offer to support and maintain business applications to stabilize your company's applications and upgrade them. Our specialists provide both operational and engineering support. The service includes 2 of 3 levels of business application support:

  • Level 2: Resolving queries and detecting possible problems
  • Level 3: Finding and analyzing the sources of problems. Modification, bug fixes, testing, documentation support.

Our team possesses 20 ITIL certifications, including ITIL Expert. We use a process approach in our work to guarantee good results and ensure a consistently high level of service quality.

Corporate support and development of 1C

We offer a variety of services for the maintenance and development of 1C:

  • user support;
  • incident management;
  • problem management;
  • change management;
  • release management.

Our 1C application support team is divided into three lines, each line corresponding to one set of competencies. All incoming requests are recorded in and ITSM system and resolved in accordance with SLA. The average value of the end-user satisfaction index(CSAT) is 9 out of 10. In addition to standard support, we implement innovative approaches, as well as modernize and optimize the service. This leads to a5% decrease in the number of calls and a 7% reduction in the cost of service.

Microsoft Sharepoint applications management

SharePoint is a powerful collaboration platform. However, not all of its features are available in the box version. We'll turn SharePoint into a convenient and efficient tool for your company with professional services for the design, creation, support, and development of new applications on the MS SharePoint platform.

The support and installation of SharePoint by ICL Soft specialists will allow you to automate much more business processes and turn your SharePoint into a center of corporate interaction and employee communication.

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