Implementation of business solutions

Automating business processes, controlling key performance indicators of the enterprise, organizing the interaction between services and departments, coordinating production units, evaluating the enterprise's performance — we have just listed only a small part of the functions that can be improved by existing IT solutions for business.

Our specialists have 20 years of experience in implementing enterprise management systems: under their belt are more than 250 completed projects on the 1C platform.

The team consists of more than 100 1C specialists including methodologists, business analysts, architects, project managers, and developers.

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Production consulting and the implementation of solutions on 1C the platform

This solution allows you to improve production efficiency through the development of production technology, application of the ERP standard, and process automation.

This set of solutions makes it possible to reduce production costs by 50%, while reducing the cost of production by 20% and ensuring the growth of labor productivity in production by up to 20%.

Accounting consulting and the implementation of solutions on the 1C platform

Maintaining accounting and tax records in an automated system that meets all the requirements of the enterprise and the legislation of the Russian Federation in conjunction with other accounting circuits (operational and production).


  • A reduction of operating expenses by automating business processes, including accounting for income tax and VAT
  • The possibility of accounting for the State Defense Order, which allows you to confirm the intended use of budgetary funds and the amount of actual profit
  • An increase in the productivity of the accounting service achieved through the optimization of work processes and elimination of unrelated responsibilities
  • An improvement in the reliability of the month's accounting due to the strict control of transactions

Financial consulting and the implementation of solutions on the 1C platform

Financial consulting includes an analysis of the current situation (the state of the business, financial and accounting records, and reports), recommendations on IT management models for the holding company, and possible solutions to various organizational issues regarding financial problems.

The implementation of the 1C:Holding Management company solution will automate the management processes of the holding company and its enterprises within a single system and boost the company's profits.

Optimization of procurement activities and the implementation of solutions on the 1C platform

This solution will allow to:

  • Increase employee efficiency by 40% through automating routine operations and selecting suppliers by order nomenclature.
  • Reduce the procurement preparation time by 70% through standardizing and automating business related to the preparation and approval of procurement.
  • Reduce the procurement costs by 8% through optimizing the prices with the aid of competitive purchasing

Solving the management problem of document management and implementing 1C-based solutions

As part of the service, we will conduct a survey of the enterprise's document management processes, design the target model of the document management processes, compile the required regulations, train users and integrate 1C: Document Management.

The latter provides:

  • A reduction in time spent on document processing by up to 30%;
  • An acceleration of information flows by up to 30%;
  • An increase in document approvals by up to 25%.

Personnel consulting and the implementation of solutions on the 1C platform

The 1C: ZUP system supports all major processes of personnel management, personnel records, payroll, tax calculations, the formation of reports and certificates for state authorities and social funds, and the planning of payroll costs.

The implementation of this system provides:

  • Optimizing the performance of business processes through ensuring effective information interaction between all divisions;
  • Increasing the efficiency and quality of personnel work through building coherent and automated business processes;
  • improving the quality of management information, its reliability, transparency, and accessibility to the management of the company for any period of time to make management decisions;
  • Reducing risks when making decisions by providing the management with prompt, reliable, and up-to-date information.

Logistics consulting, the implementation of 1C:WMS and other systems

A WMS system helps organize bin location warehousing, automate all storage operations and integrate with barcode readers (data collection terminals) and various types of labeling of warehouse goods from a linear barcode to RFID tags.

By implementing this system, you will:

  • Increase the efficiency of employees through the use of modern technology;
  • Reduce storage costs through the optimal organization of processes;
  • Increase the efficiency and accuracy of product accounting by fully automating all processes;
  • Eliminate losses associated with the criticality of storage time through automatically controlling them.

Managing the profitability of transportation and implementation of solutions on the 1C platform

As part of this service, we will establish the processes of motor transport management, taking into account the interaction of enterprise management, accountants, dispatcher, mechanics, and drivers in a single information system, as well as a comprehensive implementation of 1C: Motor Vehicles Management.

The introduction of the system will optimize:

  • vehicle downtime;
  • the cost of fuel, lubricants, and repairs;
  • tariffs for transportation services;
  • the cost of drivers' salaries;
  • the useful use of cars;
  • labor productivity — through automating routine work.

Modernizing the maintenance and repair of equipment, introducing a solution on the 1C platform

1C:TOIR Repairs Management and Equipment Maintenance allows you to solve the following problems:

  • Planning repairs: forming repair schedules; creating a list of repair objects for which it is necessary to make a schedule; drawing up a list of types of maintenance and repairs for each repair object, which should be included in the schedule;
  • MRO repair management: MRO requirements; MRO requests management;
  • Contractors and works management;
  • Operations management;
  • Equipment and regulations accounting;
  • Planning and monitoring the activities of field teams.

Standard implementations of 1C solutions

We offer to implement standard or industry-specific solutions on the 1C platform and adapt the customer's business processes to the functionality of the solution through using modeling tools. This service allows you to save budget and time by almost two times as compared to the conventional approach to the implementation of 1C products.

Our approach revolves around a standard software product created on the basis of the best practices and implementation experience. We change the business processes of the customer's company to better suit the workflow of the selected product, if necessary.

Implementation of solutions on the Terrasoft platform (BPM and CRM)

A key goal of every business organization is to improve business efficiency and reduce costs. Regardless of the scale and goal-setting of the company, a BPM system will allow you to achieve these goals in the shortest possible time.

For instance, the Creatio system by Terrasoft will allow to automate processes of any complexity at an enterprise of any scale. The availability of ready-made software platform solutions will allow to automate the necessary functionality for almost any industry in the shortest possible time. 

ICL offers services for the implementation of full-cycle automation projects, as well as small projects for the development of BPMS systems. We also have extensive experience in implementing solutions that automate the activities of commercial services together with marketing and customer service centers.

Implementation of solutions on the MS Dynamics platform


  • Deep expertise: our team has experience in developing custom industry functional solutions for the energy and industrial sectors since 2004.
  • A qualified team: we know the peculiarities of the market and the system. We are a team with more than 10 years of experience in developing, implementing, and maintaining systems based on Microsoft Dynamics AX of any version. ICL Soft will provide you with formidable industry expertise and readiness to solve any complex and highly specialized task 24/7.
  • Cost reduction: the customer does not need to hire new employees to organize their support service of the system and users, to train them, or to create new positions.
  • Turnkey solution: the implementation team consists of both technical specialists and experts in functional modules.
  • An individual approach: the ICL Soft team is ready to get involved in the process of managing a solution developed on Microsoft Dynamics AX at any stage of the system life cycle, as well as to develop a solution from scratch.
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