1 Software Development
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The technologies we use:

  • JAVA (STRU/SPRING/Frameworks), .NET (ASP.NET/WPF/Xamarin), PHP (Laravel, Bitrix), etc.
  • React, Angular, Vue, and other frontend frameworks,
  • Oracle PL/SQL, MS SQL Server, Postgres, MongoDb, and other databases,
  • Biztalk, WSO2 EI, and other data buses.
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Development of applications for mobile platforms

ICL Soft will design, develop and create mobile applications for Google Android, iOS, and Windows Phone/Windows 8, including cross-platform solutions based on Xamarin.

Technologies used: Java, C#, TypeScript, Android Studio, Visual Studio, Android SDK, React Native, iPhone SDK, Xamarine, .Net, Java, Node.js, SQLite, Realm.

Software testing

Software testing is an integral part of every software product development. 

We offer various types of testing: manual testing, testing automation, product performance testing, and software QA consulting.

Our team includes over 60+ testing professionals, who regularly improve their competencies and confirm their skills in independent certification centers.


Software integration

Services related to software integration and integration platform support will allow you to organize the work with all levels of corporate data, avoiding their loss or misalignment.

You will be able to:

  • provide the flexibility of the information system required by the business;
  • reduce the cost of owning systems and making changes;
  • provide employees with ease of communication in a single information space;
  • increase labor productivity.

Software development

ICL Soft will implement a full range of work on software development and complete more specific tasks.

We develop software developed on Microsoft.NET and Java technologies. For web applications, we use ASP.NET, LAMP, etc. Our team includes more than 900 expert developers and more than 50 architects and analysts.

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