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Fire protection system

We carry out a wide range of work from design, surveys, construction, and installation to setting up the following components of the fire safety system:

  • An automatic fire alarm system (AFS) — the detection of fire on protected premises.
  • A notification and evacuation control system — sound, light, and voice alerting people about the fire and guiding them along the evacuation routes.
  • An automatic fire suppression system (AFS) — a system of automatic extinguishing with different fire extinguishing compositions of fire centers. The purpose of using automatic fire extinguishing systems is to localize and extinguish fires, saving the lives of people and animals, as well as preserving real estate and movable property.
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Integrated security systems

The service allows you to predict, timely identify and eliminate security threats to personnel and resources of the object. The list of available systems:

  • Video surveillance systems (CCTV) — monitoring of technical processes and a security television system. 
  • Security alarm system — perimeter control, security alarms for premises, buildings, and the perimeter. 
  • Access Control System (ACS) — ACS for vehicles, ACS for employees and visitors.
  • Countering terrorist attacks — engineering means, means of inspection, means of analysis.

By working with us, you get a full range of services for integrated security systems, from inspecting the protected object, developing the concept of physical protection, and developing of project documentation, to supplying equipment, installing and commissioning the mounted system.

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ICT infrastructure solutions

Our company practices an integrated approach to equipping server rooms and data centers, which includes the entire totality of components of engineering and IT infrastructure:

  • Cabinets and other mounting structures to accommodate the required amount of IT equipment.
  • A guaranteed and uninterrupted power supply.
  • A microclimate with specified temperature and humidity.
  • Fire protection for data centers.
  • The detection and prevention of unauthorized access to the data center.
  • The monitoring and management of the data center engineering infrastructure.
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Engineering systems and solutions

Our team will create of a set of technical and software tools to ensure automatic parameter maintenance, remote monitoring and control of the in-house engineering systems.

The list of systems:

  • engineering systems dispatchment;
  • automation of smoke removal;
  • automation of general ventilation and air conditioning;
  • automation of refrigeration;
  • automation of electricity;
  • automation of electrical lighting;
  • automation of heating units;
  • automation of water supply and sewerage;
  • gas analysis;
  • energy accounting system.
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Network infrastructure management systems

Many modern businesses are directly dependent on the health of their network infrastructure. It serves as a foundation on which key business processes are based. This is why the infrastructure has to meet the highest requirements for reliability and scalability.

Our company has extensive experience in implementing projects in the field of complex cabling systems that provide transport infrastructure for data transmission and systems.

Description of systems:

  • Transport for monitoring engineering systems provides reliable communication channels for both remote monitoring and control of the parameters of the in-house engineering systems.
  • Standard time signal systems for buildings/enterprises with centralized equipment and distributed displays/mechanisms that provide centralized control and synchronization.
  • Systems of emergency control communication (with explosion-proof options included) for various purposes, be it for production or for emergency loudspeaker communication with feedback.
  • A system of terrestrial or cable television of various scales and purposes: from city KTV networks, house networks, and hotel networks to specialized multiroom/multimedia systems and information video systems.

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