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One of the most difficult aspects of business to control is information security. Data leakages, viral and other malicious activity coming from external public networks, and many other things can negatively affect corporate processes and the trust of partners. Therefore, information security issues are always given close attention. 

CII objects security

As part of providing security services for critical information infrastructure (CII) facilities, the following tasks are solved:
  • Improving the state of protection and sustainable operation of CII facilities;
  • Complying with the requirements of regulators aimed at the protection of CII objects;
  • Improving the processes related to the security of CII facilities.

The ICL team consists of uniquely qualified experts with extensive practical experience, confirmed by participation in numerous CII security projects, state certificates of advanced training in information security, and at least five years of experience in information security.

Information security services

The range of services for information security from ICL includes such areas as network security, application protection, protection of users and user devices, data protection, access control, and protection of automated process control systems.

Services provided:

  • the protection of personal data;
  • the protection of data pertaining to production and technological processes;
  • the protection of state information systems;
  • the elaboration of the IS development concept and program;
  • threat modeling and risk identification;
  • the development of regulatory, organizational, and administrative documentation on IS;
  • information protection systems design;
  • requirements survey and formation;
  • implementation of information protection tools and certification tests;
  • the certification of information objects for compliance with the information protection requirements.

 In addition, we can implement a set of measures for compliance with Federal Law 149, Federal Law 152, Federal Law 187, and Order of FSTEC of Russia dated February 11, 2013. N 17 (Protection of State Information Systems).

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Protection of personal data

ICL specialists provide services for personal data protection (PDN) to both state and municipal bodies and commercial organizations in accordance with Federal Law № 152-FZ. Our experts examine the processing and protection of personal data processed both with and without the use of automated means. Then there are activities aimed at eliminating the identified discrepancies.

ICL possesses all the necessary licenses:

  • A license by the FSTEC of Russia for technical protection of confidential information.
  • A license by the FSTEC of Russia for the development and production of means of protection of confidential information.
  • A license by the Federal Security Service of Russia for activities related to encryption systems.

IT infrastructure security assessment

ICL experts will evaluate the security of your company's IT infrastructure. As part of this service, we identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the information system, as well as check for compliance with information security standards.

What you will get:

  • a report on the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of your information system;
  • recommendations on improving the security of your IT infrastructure (an action plan);
  • an effective information protection strategy at a reasonable cost.
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