30 September 2015



TAdviser, a leading expert center for automation of state and business in Russia, will hold industry conference TAdviser Cloud & OpenStack Day on September 30, 2015, in Moscow. The event will be focused on prospects of rapidly growing market of cloud technologies in our country.

As estimated by TAdviser, within the Russian market of IT services the cloud services show the maximum growth rate, though still occupy a relatively small share. Thus, according to TAdviser, in 2013 the volume of the Russian cloud computing market reached 10.97 billion roubles, which is 50% higher than in 2012 when the market volume was 6.38 billion roubles. Share of cloud services in the whole market of IT services and IT outsourcing was 2.5% in 2012, and 3.7% in 2013.

SaaS (the largest segment) remains the undoubted growth area, IaaS has also performed well, while PaaS market is still in its infancy.

TAdviser Cloud & OpenStack Day is a platform for exchange of opinions between customers and suppliers. The conference will be of interest to representatives of system integrators, including managers of system implementation departments, project team members, marketing specialists and other professionals. On the part of customers and companies that plan to start using cloud services in one form or another, the event will be useful to managers of all decision-making levels, IT managers, and specialists of IT departments.

  • Cloud market in Russia: current state, key facts (information of TAdviser)
  • SaaS-solutions: offerings overview, solutions by major vendors, and their impact on the market
  • IaaS: Russian realia, experience with successful projects, case studies
  • PaaS: the segment is more alive than dead?
  • Private cloud systems: for whom and for what?
  • Topical issues of cloud solutions standardization in Russia
  • Law on Personal Data 2016: what will change for cloud providers?
  • Complete solutions for hybrid cloud systems: advantages and disadvantages
  • Is it possible to avoid a «cloud slavery» at a single provider?
  • Security in «cloud»: what’s new?
  • Possibilities of OpenStack: overview of solutions available in Russia


EUGENY FRIDLAND — Head of Commercial Services
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