25-27 September 2016



ICL Services will participate in the tenth anniversary IT Congress

X Congress «Podmoskovniye Vechera» will be held under the banner of a new era in the development of the domestic IT industry — the era when our country is taking its first, albeit not very confident steps in the development and implementation of its own, independent IT products, systems and services.

We already know the main topics that will be discussed at the event. We decided to dedicate the plenary session, opening the business part of the Congress, to one of the «hottest» topics in the IT sector — import substitution, and even proactive import substitution! We still do not know who will open the plenary session and become a leading expert, but the Program Committee has already highlighted several experts who can talk about the problems they faced in the past months and ways to solve them.

The topic of sections are also defined:
  1. security,
  2. CIO’s conservatism,
  3. balance in business and IT,
  4. situation in the IT labor market.


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