07 June 2016



Moscow will host the XIII Russian IT Management Forum on IT management.

Professionals visiting the forum will traditionally discuss topical problems of building relationships between business and IT, ways to create an effective IT service management system, as well as the latest IT management trends in the world and in Russia. A modern IT department of a Russian company faces many difficult tasks.

  1. How to develop under budget cuts?
  2. How to cope with the crisis and support business initiatives on digital transformation at the same time?
  3. How to find resources to implement innovative IT services?

Leading experts of Russian and international ITSM community and experienced IT and business managers of Russian companies will answer these and many other questions. The main topics of ITMF 2016:
  • Time of new horizons: IT management in the times of crisis;
  • IT and business are finally together. The role of IT department in the implementation of business strategy;
  • IT services in an era of digital transformation;
  • State level management: approaches to the implementation of e-government;
  • ITSM without IT: enterprise service management;
  • Efficiency metrics for IT management processes;
  • Not only processes: communications and organizational change management in IT;
  • Asset management: counting costs and looking for hidden reserves;
  • DevOps, Agile, etc. Who and why needs management innovations;


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