1 Clouds 2017: Main Trends
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Clouds 2017: Main Trends

26 September 2017


Clouds 2017: Main Trends

As of today, cloud technologies are among the most in-demand technologies in the market. According to Oracle’s estimates, several important events will occur in this market in the coming years. First of all, customers and providers will at last manage to come to an agreement on a cloud provider’s responsibility for a breach of SLA. That must result in moving critical information resources to clouds. At the same time, the number of corporate data centers will decrease.
Cloud technologies will also enable small businesses to implement innovations quickly and efficiently and enter new markets. They will also make it possible for IT teams to move control of critical IT systems to the cloud. A significant part of new solutions development and testing will be also carried out in clouds.
The business program will cover the following issues:
• How do consumption models for cloud services change?
• What are the main trends in the cloud market?
• What changes are required for SLA?
• Has the crisis affected demand in cloud services for businesses of various sizes?
• What are the prospects for use of clouds within digital transformation?
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