1 A Single Approach to Backup for Virtual, Physical and Cloud Environments
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A Single Approach to Backup for Virtual, Physical and Cloud Environments

07November 2016


A Single Approach to Backup for Virtual, Physical and Cloud Environments

According to foreign investigation companies, the global average damage caused by data loss in 2015 amounted to USD 16 billion, i. e. by 60 percent more than in the year-earlier period. Among intangible losses, loss of customer confidence and injury to goodwill come to the fore. Experts from ICL — KME CS and Veritas gave their opinions about how to minimize the risks of data loss, solve the problem of low accessibility for virtual, physical, and cloud environments.

In Kazan, ICL — KME CS and Veritas held a joint workshop dedicated to backup. Representatives of oil and gas sector, energy sector, credit and financial sector and other key sectors of Russian economy visited the Event.

The key backup market trends were presented to the participants of the Workshop. One of them consists in the fact that the majority of companies use unrelated technology infrastructures for data processing and storage. Though physical and virtual environments have the priority, clouds become more and more popular. Joint research conducted by Veritas and Spiceworks has shown that up to 10 percent of data will move to cloud systems within the next three years. It should be kept in mind that the aforementioned types of technology infrastructures have unique features with respect to backup. However, using special solutions for each of them within one enterprise complicates information processing significantly.

Experts from Veritas recommend a holistic approach to data protection in physical, virtual and cloud environments and a single backup policy. This means using Backup Exec solution. Using it, one can reduce the interval between creating backup copies and minimize the risk of data loss. Moreover, dedupe technology makes it possible to save up to 90 percent of disk space. The system does not require greater attention from administrators. On the contrary, they spend less time on backup operations. At present, the version available at the market is Backup Exec 15.

The expert also noted that many companies pay much attention to operational systems but upgrade of backup products is at the bottom of the priority. Consequently, they face quite a number of problems because sometimes the obsolete versions cannot support the required level of functionality. To avoid such unfortunate situations, it is recommended to upgrade software regularly and to switch to new product versions.

“The preliminary release date for Backup Exec 16 is November 7. It is already available for the owners of previous versions. They can switch to the new version in their user accounts,” says Maxim Tsvetaev, an expert from Veritas. “Among other upgrades, Version 16 includes support of Microsoft Azure cloud and OS Windows 2016.”

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