1 Advanced NetApp Technologies: Better Conditions for Your Data Storage
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Advanced NetApp Technologies: Better Conditions for Your Data Storage

10March 2016


Advanced NetApp Technologies: Better Conditions for Your Data Storage

The world market of enterprise-class data storage systems keeps growing. Data obtained by IDC (International Data Corporation), an analytics company, bear evidence of it. According to IDC, the growth amounted to 2.8% in the third quarter of 2015. Cloud storages and hyperscale data centers are rapidly gaining popularity, while demand for traditional external disk arrays decreases. At a joint workshop, representatives of NetApp and ICL-KMECS discussed technologies, currently recommended by storage market leaders, and other issues.

Experts from ICL-KMECS and NetApp held a joint workshop in Kazan, dedicated to NetApp data processing and storage technologies.
NetApp has been developing innovative solutions for corporate data storage for more than 20 years and it is now a TOP 5 data storage market leader.
Roman Kozlov, a NetApp technical advisor, presented to the workshop participants a line of products for data center visualization.

The expert also noted that NetApp data storage solutions are easily integrated with VMware virtualization tools that enable users to optimize investments in IT and thus gain an undeniable competitive edge.

The practical part arouse particular interest of the audience. The speaker’s report was backed up by online demonstration of NetApp equipment capabilities, organized via remote access.

Undoubtedly, ICL-KMECS and NetApp will continue collaboration. Among other things, the most in-demand NetApp solutions will be demonstrated within the jubilee ITSF Conference that will take place in Kazan in May.

“Rapid growth of data volumes makes organizations look at data center visualization with a fresh eye,” he says. “For modern business, it is important to form a scalable infrastructure that not only supports least-cost high performance level but also provides continuous access to data and to operating environment. That particular principle underlies the NetApp flexible data storage infrastructure.”

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